Study Abroad in USA

Study in USA

Study Abroad in USA

Studying abroad in USA is one of the most popular study abroad programs. Over one thousand international students studied in USA in the past year alone. So, what are the main reasons that make people opt for this option? Below look at how and why you can study in USA and several common queries about studying in USA.

Study in the USA: A US citizen is eligible for the scholarship for International Students Pursuing Doctorate degree programs. This scholarship is offered by the International Student Organization (ISA), and the Commission on International and Trans-regional Affairs (CITR). This program offers US students pursuing PhD degree an opportunity to earn a doctorate degree at the prestigious Ivy League colleges – Harvard, Cambridge, Yale and Columbia. The tuition fee for the full course is almost the same as the fee charged by Ivy League universities. For the part time students pursuing a doctorate degree, a part-time course schedule with a local branch of the University is provided with a matching fee.

Study in USA for Bachelor of Arts in Social Work: Almost every US college offers Bachelors courses in social work. There are many online Bachelor of Arts courses that suit the busy working professionals who want to complete a degree in social work in US. There are many colleges, which offer Online Bachelors courses in Social Work. Study in USA for Bachelor of Science in Psychology is available with many US colleges and universities.

Study in USA for MBA: MBA is a widely sought graduate degree throughout the world. A course fee is associated with the degree, and the curriculum requires a full-time enrollment. Few colleges offer this program in USA. For the interested students, a part-time schedule with local campus of the University is provided with a matching fee. For students opting for full-time enrollment, an academic placement has been arranged by the Business School.

Study in USA for Masters in Business Administration: A Masters program in Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most popular post graduate degrees in business that offers better employment prospects. Many top universities in USA are offering MBA program to talented and experienced professionals in the field. Study in USA for Masters in Business Administration is also available through a variety of bureaus such as business schools, four-year colleges and universities. An average acceptance rate for MBA students is higher than the average of all other applicants.

Study in USA for Doctor of Education in Nursing (DNE): An advanced degree, Doctor of Education in Nursing (DNE) is awarded after completion of an MBBS program. Students who wish to serve the healthcare industry in USA have the option of specializing in nursing as their career choice. In order to get a doctor of education in nursing, an average TOEFL score is required along with a master’s degree and relevant experience in a clinical setting. There are many quality education institutes in USA which offer a doctor of education in nursing programs to international students. Some of the top universities, that provide excellent education in USA are George Washington University, Teachers College and Spelman College.

Study in USA for Associate Degrees in Computer Science: An attractive course offer which enables students to expand their horizons is provided by associate degrees in computer science. This course work helps students acquire job experience during summers, while they are still in high school. This program provides training in information technology basics and introduces students to various computer applications. An average student requires about a year and a half to complete associate degrees in computer science. Study abroad in USA for Associate Degrees in Computer Science is also offered by various accredited colleges and universities across the country.

Study in USA for PhD in Computer Science: An individual can pursue his/her doctorate in computer science from any accredited university or college of USA under the fellowship scheme initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF). For this, an individual is required to submit a dissertation which is submitted as a subject of research by an independent committee. In order to qualify for this fellowship, an individual needs to have published at least one research paper in a peer-reviewed journal. PhD in computer science is a highly competitive program and the main criteria for selection is the originality and quality of research. A majority of the eligible international students studying for this program are from China, India, Pakistan, and Africa.

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