University Letterhead Meaning – What Does it Mean to You?

University Letterhead Meaning - What Does it Mean to You?

University Letterhead Meaning – What Does it Mean to You?

If you’re a new teacher or a professor looking to hire someone to teach your students, one important part of your resume is a university letterhead. In the past, university letterhead meant the same thing that it does now. It meant that you went to a specific school and you got your teaching license there. The role of this letterhead is to let employers know what university you are applying to to make sure they understand what your background is. It’s also a great way to thank your previous supervisors and to offer information about your plans for the future.


Nowadays, this type of letterhead is used more like a business card. It has the name of your school, its trademark logo, and its location. It should also contain information like the name of its headquarters, whether the university is an upstate medical university, the date the degree was earned, the dates of any classes taught, the number of instructors in the program, and the number of students in the class. Most often than not, you’ll see this on the left-hand side of a sheet of paper. It may also come with the university seal, which typically features a heart with wings coming off of it. It has a seal that is in the shape of an olive branch, is the color blue, and has a crown that resembles a fleur-de-lis.


What does this mean? Basically, it means that you’ve officially registered your presence at your school with the university. During the application process, you’ll have to fill out a letterhead verification form, which verifies that you meet all of the requirements to enroll. Once accepted, you’ll be mailed or emailed a confirmation. On the day that you’re supposed to graduate, your letterhead verified page will display the university seal and an official date.


So how did this whole process start? In the past, this would have simply meant filling out a form at the university’s application center. You’d select a template, enter in your information, and submit it. Now, thanks to the advent of technology, you can actually view URL verified university letterhead templates right from your home computer. Thanks to this software, you don’t even need a campus at all! You can select a template, view it online, print it out, and then simply email it along with your other materials on the day of your graduation.


How can you take advantage of this? If you don’t know anybody who has this done, you can actually use this to your advantage. Email a copy of your transcript to a graphic illustrator. Let them know what you want to be printed on your letterhead (some companies will let you do this, others won’t). Then, within a few days, you can have your letterhead, transcript, and graphic illustrator working for you!


The key to making this all work is to do it as early as possible. You don’t want to be caught off guard with this process on the day of your graduation, as this will delay everything by at least a few days. In addition, you also want to make sure that you are getting a real, official university seal on your letterhead. A graphic illustrator may be able to draw this for you, but if not, most will also be able to create this for you as well. Just make sure that you’re getting a seal that has the university seal on it, not a template that someone drew on their own using a free tool.

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