University Hub Meaning of Operations

University Hub Meaning of Operations

university hub meaning

The University of Nairobi (UON) in Kenya is currently undergoing major changes to the way it delivers and facilitates learning. It is currently undergoing a major overhaul of the Learning Hub concept, which is being touted as a new venue for student enrollment, teaching, and research. In essence, the changes will give way to the creation of six regional campuses across fifteen universities in the Kingdom of Kenya. These universities will be clustered together at UON Mombasa in the North and UON Kilifi in the South. The creation of these six hubs is said to enable students from different disciplines to take advantage of the opportunities that they offer.


It is evident that there are times when distance learning is appropriate for certain students while many others would like to gain practical experience in a real classroom setting. This is where the Online Learning Hub concept could prove to be beneficial. The idea is that students who wish to undertake online courses or modules will be able to do so regardless of their location, time constraints, and schedules. All that they need to have is a computer and an internet connection. What makes this all possible is the presence of the University of Nairobi’s learning solutions provider, the Kenya IT Solutions Company (IKIC).


The concept is said to complement the existing initiatives taken by the Kenyan government in pursuing higher education. This is particularly true considering that the current economy is characterized by high levels of unemployment. With unemployment topping the charts at close to 50%, the government has been proactive in ensuring that every citizen has access to higher education. The University of Nairobi, for instance, offers free online courses and degrees through the University Direct program to students who register with the relevant email address.


There is good news for prospective students as well. The University of Nairobi is fully accredited and this comes as a positive boost for those who are aspiring to become doctors, engineers, or other professionals with an academic background in a traditional university setting. For those who wish to continue their education with an online college, they have the option of enrolling in a University of Nairobi extension which allows them to extend their learning outside the metropolitan city limits. Extracurricular activities are available such as swimming, tennis, and other sports and are suitable for students with time constraints. Online students also do not require strict time schedules and are able to complete their coursework on a flexible schedule.


The eLearning portal offered by the University of Nairobi ensures that students can access educational content from anywhere in the world through the internet. Content can be downloaded and stored on personal computers or shared digital libraries. Students can connect to the online learning through a password-protected network, which acts as their virtual classroom. This feature further enhances flexibility by controlling the lessons and activities, unlike the conventional classroom settings.


Enrolling in a distance education university such as the University of Nairobi gives students access to a variety of course offerings. This includes a choice of specialized degrees such as nursing, pharmacy, computer science, and even accounting. These are only a few of the degree options that students can choose from. Those wishing to pursue a master’s degree can do so via an online university. The skills gained from the program will prepare one to engage in a successful career in almost any industry.


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