Education For Everyone – How to Make Yourself Smarter

Education For Everyone - How to Make Yourself Smarter

Education For Everyone – How to Make Yourself Smarter

education for everyone essay

Education for Everyone is the right of every citizen of a country. A country without an educated population is referred to as backward. Education is the only way to improve the status of a nation. Education enables individuals to understand the society around them. It also gives a human touch to a person and helps him understand his responsibility towards his country. In other words, education is the only weapon to increase the level of development in a country.


Education should be completely free For this education, there must be a minimal requirement of donation by citizens. Education for Everyone is the right of every citizen, therefore, it is necessary that the educational institutions should not charge any money from the students or the parents. Free education should be provided by the state.


Education helps people develop their culture A nation with no people literates is referred to as backward. Therefore, free education for everyone is the right of every citizen. A developed and progressive nation is well known around the world. It is an established fact that in underdeveloped and developing countries, a high percentage of inhabitants remain uncultured.


The advancement in technology has led to the discovery of various scientific discoveries. There have been several breakthroughs in the sphere of medical science and medical research. The medical treatment and medication available these days are far more advanced compared to the traditional ways of treatment. As education plays a vital role in this sphere, therefore it is necessary that everybody has access to education.


Education improves self respect Everybody should feel good about himself. The educational level achieved by a person determines his own attitude towards life. If a person is confident about himself and his capabilities, he will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Hence, everyone should have the freedom to choose what courses they want to pursue. The basic purpose of education is to inculcate self-respect in a person. In fact, the schools emphasize on individual development and self-esteem.


Essay writing is another way through which education for everyone can be pursued. The curriculum of most schools and colleges is designed to help students write impressive essays. If you want to excel in this field, you need to acquire the proper command of the language. It would not be difficult for you to improve your skills and pass a comprehensive examination if you take up education for everyone essay writing course.

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