Understanding the University Meaning in Gujarati

Understanding the University Meaning in Gujarati

What is the University meaning in Gujarati? I’m guessing many of you will give the same answer “I don’t know”. We all have our personal beliefs and convictions when it comes to the institution of universities in Gujarat. Some may consider a university a place of higher learning where one can learn the complexities of our country while others consider it the place of higher learning that can impart knowledge to the people who are uneducated and illiterate. So what’s the University meaning in Gujarati?

university meaning in gujarati


The term ‘university’ in Gujarati means a university or a college. And as far as a pronunciation of the word ‘university’ is concerned; it actually means the same as the English word ‘academy’. And yes we know that it’s pronounced as ‘yoo-un-sigh’. On the contrary; a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony includes the performance of the ‘valved’ or the reading of poetry by female members of the family. And this is considered the most important part of a marriage ceremony that will bind the families forever.


Therefore, we can say that there is more to University in Gujarati than just being the place of higher learning. It’s more of an institution that can bind the whole community, help them to develop mutual trust and respect towards each other. But does it have any political significance? Let us see.


The word ‘unnaka’ in gujarati means ‘without hesitation or doubt’ and this implies that if you ask somebody about the University in Gujarati, he/she will definitely give you an answer that will be different from the answer given by somebody who would call it a University. In fact, there are many people who do not find any political significance in University in Gujarati. But we can’t call it a mere institution, rather it is a fusion of education, religion, community and a liberal attitude towards the western world. If you take the opinion of a person who knows the importance of pronunciation in the English language, you will know that University in Gujarati doesn’t have its place just anywhere. It is a true cosmopolitan center.


But the fact that the pronunciation of the university is different from the English language is not such a big issue for the people of Gujarati speaking communities. For them it doesn’t matter a lot, since the pronunciation of every language in India has its own place in the cultural circle and the political culture of India. However, the University in Gujarati is definitely considered to be a symbol of academic excellence, higher learning and a gateway of opportunities in India. But the sad reality is that due to the dominating globalization and rapid development of cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, the pronunciation of Gujarati has lost its importance. Today, only a few people try to understand the pronunciation of the language which is slowly becoming obsolete.


However, the presence of English as the major language in most Indian cities has led to the disappearance of languages like Gujarati. But this trend is bound to change in the near future. This university in Gujarati is not going to fade away in a few years. On the contrary, it is likely to gain more importance because of the presence of some famous scholars like Dr. Kalburgi. The presence of some good scholars has actually helped the language to gain respectability in the political circles of India.


Another factor responsible for the success of the university in Gujarat is the fact that it is located in a prominent political and business hub of India. Unlike other states of India, where the language is not spoken in the mainstream, it can be observed that the residents of Gujarat are conversant in English. So the main political and social classes of the state are well aware of the fact that there is a difference between Gujarati and English. Hence, they never bother to learn the state university’s language.


However, the main challenge that the university has to face is the number of students who are eager to pursue their education in this university. Although the student body is huge the fact that most of the students are adults with professional backgrounds makes the students shy in speaking their native tongue. In the past, only the students of the University of Cambridge can claim to have learned the Gujarati language from an English speaking institute. Today, almost every university in India offers some sort of an English course to its students so that they do not miss out on the golden opportunity that this language holds today.


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