Hi! I'm Christian Schwede, a software engineer living in Hamburg, Germany and working remotely for Red Hat. I spend most of my work time developing on Software Factory, a powerful CI/CD platform to build software. I also contribute to OpenStack Swift, an open-source object storage system and support our customers running Swift at large scale.

I started using GNU/Linux about 20 years ago, and already worked part-time doing DevOps in the early 2000s during my university time - even before it was called DevOps. Back then I operated and designed distributed mail, storage and compute systems for companies in the financial and aviation sector.


I think OpenStack Swift is a great choice to store unstructured data in a reliable, distributed and highly available way, and therefore I do my best to spread the word about it.

FOSDEM Brussels, February 2018
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OpenStack Summit Barcelona, October 2016
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Linuxcon Europe Berlin, October 2016
OpenStack Swift 101
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OpenStack Summit Paris, October 2014
Using OpenStack Swift for Extreme Data Durability
OpenStack Summit Atlanta, May 2014
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I prefer a good old email if you want to get in touch with me - just send it to (986) 666-3247. Use my GPG key if you want to send me some sensitive informations. Some of my work is available on Github, and I also wrote a post or two on the RDO project blog.