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Thought-out UX

We make sure our code runs smooth and fast to make sure every user has a great experience playing our games.


Our poker games can be played on iOS, Facebook and Android meaning your users can be engaged on every device they own.

Smart Design

With over 4 years development, you can be assured that our poker engine is the best in the business and can be customised to your very own style.

iPhone and Facebook versions

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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer
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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer

Full HD Graphics

We have an in-house team of graphic designers that can do anything from photoshop design to 3d rendering. If you have your own designer then that is ok too. We are flexable company to work with and will make your dream poker game come to life!

Desktop and Mobile Ready

Depending on your needs, we can make you a game that is just for desktop and laptop computers for your users to play on facebook or you can have your game on mobile as well. Contact us today and let us know what it is you are after!

Advanced settings

Each game comes with a fully functional admin panel where you can add chips to a players account, send messages to users and view your statistics and more.

No other app has this

Handcrafted UX

A great user experience is our number one priority and over the last 4 years we have fine-tuned our code to provide the best poker game play online.

Smart Design

Everything from the user interface to the admin panel are designed and tweeked to make them as easy as possible to use for the end user.

Low Cost Solution

Our rates are extremely competitive and we can have you a game up and running in less than 2 weeks! Get in touch with us to find out more.

Admin Panel

We have built a state-of-the-art admin panel so you can control every aspect of the game, from adding chips to banning players, our admin panel has it all.

Facebook Interface

Your own app right in your browser

Full Featured Web App

Our Facebook poker games are some of the best in the world, with fast-paced action as well as captivating gameplay. Our code is fully optimised to make sure there are no lagging issues or glitches in the game.

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Games Using Our Engine

Perfect Poker

Launched in 2010, Perfect Poker has grown to enormous strengths in the poker world becoming one of the top poker apps on Facebook.


Poker Mob

Poker Mob is a highly successful Facebook and mobile game with a 20’s gangster theme.


Ultra Poker

Ultra Poker is a new fast paced and highly exciting Texas Holdem poker game on Facebook, iOS and Android.


Elite Poker

Elite Poker is another multi-platform game from SocialPlay, combining great graphics with fast gameplay.


Supreme Poker

Supreme Poker is another great example of how our code can be implemented on any game with any look.


Vegas Poker

Vegas Poker is a new game we are about to launch for a client on Facebook.

Our Poker Games Are Multi-Platform

Your users can play where ever they are, anytime, anywhere.






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