To create such an accessory you will need a piece of beautiful durable fabric. As a decorating elements, you can use a dense lace, beads, etc. First, sew a regular fabric bag to the size of the gadget. Then tuck the top of the bag, make it a drawstring, which will pass through the cord. To decorate the cover, you can use sequins, beads, small beads – everything that will allow you to realize your fantasies in life. With the right approach, your case will certainly get beautiful and unique. Knitted covers. Today, many girls (and guys too) can knit. This skill is quite possible to use in the process of creating a cover. To begin, you will need to choose the right model, decide what you will knit (crochet or knitting), and buy the yarn of the desired color. Do not hesitate; a knitted case will surely attract the attention of everyone around you. Therefore, a knitted case is worth it to work on it.

To create it used skin trim. You will also need a thimble, high-quality scissors, sharp needles, good awl, comfortable ruler, good writing pencil. Be sure to buy a gown, zipper-buckle. As in the previous two versions, first you need to take the dimensions of the smartphone. Then you will need to make a pattern and cut the workpiece. With the aid of sewing, make holes for stitches and gently join the parts using durable threads. The finished accessory can be decorated as you wish. Someone chooses fasteners, someone likes decorative buttons. The final stage is the creation of a corsage loop, which makes it easy to get the gadget from the case. The homemade leather accessory is truly very stylish. What only things are not created from rezinochek. The case is no exception. Such a decision causes a special delight. Therefore, it makes sense to work on creating a bright and attractive accessory – the keeper of your phone.

You can use a simpler method just by wrapping the smartphone, for this you will need to perform the following actions: On a horizontally laid sheet (fold in half) the apparatus fits. The phone is wrapped up to the end of the sheet, completely hiding in the paper. The upper edges tuck equally from two sides approximately a centimeter. Tuck the sides in small pieces.

Tuck the bottom. Bend the corners at the bottom and fix all the wrapped parts with glue. To get a beautiful paper case, you do not need to use origami methods. In this video, you can clearly see that decorating your device is simple and quick. Just cut the decor by placing a piece of paper under the silicone accessory. You can draw it yourself or use ready-made images, cut out sheets from magazines or print a print.