Infinity Card

Building A Better Place
for Global Financial Services

A Philosophy To Bring The World Closer

Infinity Card provides a one-stop financial solution to individuals ranging from deposit accounts, debit cards, money transfer and payment gateway services. In addition, we provide financing solutions to early stage SMEs where not many traditional Banks are willing to undertake the risk and also assist them in their business growth.


What We Can Do For You

Global Bank Transfers

International Bank Transfer Services are of vital importance to today’s global economy. With ever growing international business trades, the transfer of funds forms the blood stream of the World’s economy.

PrePaid Debit Cards

Our Debit Cards are enabled to allow businesses and individuals transfer funds within minutes to over a 100 countries. With our integrated mass payment platform, you get your funds quicker, easier and for much lower cost.

Online Payment Gateway

As eCommerce business becomes the key of main stream business, Infinity Card Online Payment Gateway Service ensures that global transactions are transmitted efficiently and securely.

Electronic Wallets

Electronic Wallet (eWallet) is a convenient, easy-to-use, secure global payment system. Think of it as your flexible “personal banking system” with a number of payout and pay-in options.