What is KRM Cloud?

KRM Cloud is a very powerful and secure CRM system, which is perfect for Small to Medium Enterprise. The system allows you and your staff to add and share important information aobut your enterprise. Information such as daily business dealings, customers, suppliers, payments, purchase orders can all be added into the one system, keeping everything in one place, yet available to staff and management 24 hours per day.

Information added to KRM Cloud is encryped and kept in a secure location.
Payments and finances
KRM Cloud secures your data by encrypting entries in the database. When you enter payment data, you can have the piece of mind of knowing that only the people with the correct logins and PINs can access your data. Because it is in KRM Cloud, you can access any data you want, anywhere in the world. Your financial controller can add in today’s payments in to KRM Cloud and you can access them while you are away on business, meaning you can see exactly what is going on with your business without even being there!

Nominal Ledger
KRM Cloud is equipped with an automatic Nominal Ledger based on any payment that you add to it. This means if you add income/ expenses they are automatically tallied and added into the Profit and Loss system, so you know, straight away, how much profit you are making or wheather or not you are earning at a loss.

The system has a number of security measures added to it to ensure that your data is safe.
1. 3-teir secure login system.
2. Enterprise level security certificate to encrypt your data moving from computer to cloud.
3. Secure and encrypted database to ensure only you have control of your data.