I lost my sense of direction in the snowstorm.

Are you doing well?

How do you know they're not just giving you a weird look because you have a funny face?

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I'd like to drink some tea or coffee.

I will see that such a thing does not come to pass again.

The strong wind cut the electric wires in several places.

I couldn't remember the title of that song.

Philippe and I plan to have three children.

I saw Frederic climbing up the scaffolding.

Do you agree to our proposal?

I've just finished doing my French homework.

Merton knew what Stacey was supposed to do.

I was reading a book while walking.

"That's awesome!" "You think so?"

Bob is in the drama club.

He's lying.

I cannot coo like a pigeon. I'm a hawk.

He elbowed his way through the crowd.

I went through the gate out onto the street.

Alan couldn't come to terms with what had happened.

That would be terrific.

Why wouldn't they want to do that?


If there's anything you want to do, you should do it if you can.

We don't have any sledders here.

I think this book is worth reading.

This might not be a genuine diamond.

Do I have to talk to her?


Please visit me.

Are you homesick?

In the presence of another negative word, the word "ne" is omitted.

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As I sat and played the dutar, I thought of you.


I assure you I'm in perfect health.

You're a good kid, Gregge.

Niall lived in a spectacularly beautiful place.

She has not more than 1000 yen.

She wants to know how she can lose weight.

The world has lost a very funny lady with the death of Joan Rivers.

They shoot them off over the lake.

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Wayne pressed her cheek against The's cheek.

She should have been killed in the accident, but she survived.

If pro is the opposite of con is the opposite of progress Congress?

Marshall went back to his own room and lay down.

There are a lot of people in the waiting room.

Would you do me a favor, Piercarlo?

I'll visit you in jail.

He was cleared of all charges and released yesterday.

He is buying some wood so that he can make a bookcase.

Thank you so much for coming by.

Is it fine if I explain in English? Anyone who wouldn't be comfortable with English, please raise your hand.

I'm trying not to waste my time.

Are you sure you're well enough to be out of bed?

Why do you ignore me?

You mustn't use my pen.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

It's just not possible for me to do this by myself.

I hear you five-by-five.

I think everything is under control now.


Not only is Tursun a good coach, but he cooks for us as well.


Jayesh and Penny had a medieval wedding.


Would you like to drink a bit tonight?

I've been meaning to talk to Sanche about that.

Miriamne didn't have to shout. We could've heard him anyway.


Long live the chaos!

Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

Dawson wrapped a towel around her head.

Yesterday she sat for the entrance examination.

Shooting stars can fly across the sky in less than a second.

Is there anything you need?

The desire for love to be mutual does not belong to love but to vanity.

I think Emily will be offended by what Rajesh is going to say.

I was born and grew up in Matsuyama.


Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution.


Konstantinos knows it's his call.


Edward saw it, too.

I'll take them to Kate.

Charles almost never gets scared.

I bear no malice toward you.

I knew something was up.

One should also study history from the viewpoint of the vanquished.

Harris helped Deborah on with her jacket.

What month is this?

That's one secret I'll keep.

May I suggest another possibility?

When Leith began to cry, so did I.


I have a delivery for them.

If only I could sing well.

Butler caught Juliet sneaking out of the house.


Even standing right in front of the stove, Kit still felt cold.

You're Alexander's boss, aren't you?

My birthday was last week.

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Alexis didn't know what Dylan meant.

Pascal didn't get along with his neighbors.

I cannot leave home even for a moment.

He drank a shot of whiskey.

The animal in the top left-hand corner is meant to be a dragon.

Sam never allowed Shean to see what was in his safe.

He's a bread aficionado.

I am determined to give up smoking.

He and I don't agree on that matter, but it's not me who is wrong.

Any house is better than none.

The youngest teacher at our school is not so young.

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You don't want to know what I know.


I don't want to offend Heather.

Can I sit beside you?

Should Tareq be worried?


Who gave me all that money?


Messi had been very close to scoring a goal, the referee blew his whistle to say that he was offside.

Jacob is older than that.

He has a test next week.

We've got to be ready in thirty minutes.

Are you guys dating now?


Toufic doesn't like swimming in this river. He says it's too polluted.

Claudio made everyone laugh.

Susan rushed down the corridor.


How long will you be in Boston?

Jayant and Eva are going to tie the knot this spring.

Manjeri is strong, but Marsha is stronger.

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The fishing boat turned out to be a pirate skiff.

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Many people are convinced that he is "advice-resistant".

The birds sang as only birds can sing on a bright spring morning.

Did you do that by yourself?

Think wants to have his car painted blue.

I've got to get home.

Lou looked really embarrassed.

Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system.

I don't understand French.

While I was reading in bed last night, I fell asleep with the light on.

You have as much right as everyone else.

I heard you talking in your sleep last night.

I built this company.

That's a distinct possibility.

He is the only child they have.

Turn the sound off.

Is it still far?

About 1.2 million people die from car crashes every year.


Michel was the oldest person in the room.

I understand completely.

Don't put words in my mouth.

Each boy has a bike.

Are you going to kill Billie?

I was lost in the crowd.

Vijay has just graduated from law school.

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I love eating melons.

She had her baggage carried to the airport.

Norm is working on it right now.

Would you swear to that?

Hsi was released from the hospital last month.

The Bermuda Triangle is a sham.

I think I have the advantage.

I haven't talked to Ned yet.

O, how much more does beauty beauteous seem, by that sweet ornament which truth does give! The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem for that sweet odor which does in it live.

Children learn language without being taught.

I think we're going to the moon because it's in the nature of the human being to face challenges.

No one knows how many people died in that battle.

Could you get that for me?

Vilhelm's confidence is wavering.

I awoke one morning and found myself famous.

Elvis pulled up in his car.

Triantaphyllos and Tuan often tell each other jokes.

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He is not my son, but my nephew.

The favorite sport of the French is soccer.

Wouldn't it be better if we went and got a coffee?

The shop had sold out its stock of that magazine.

Peanut butter and jelly, please.

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I did that yesterday.

Phone robbery thwarted in unusual manner.

We should be with them.


We love each other, but we don't have sex anymore.


If you want me to, I'll make you lunch every day.