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Golojan IBS to Partner PHPoC for IoT, Robotics & Prototyping

Since 1998, Sollae Systems has been offering embedded network solutions. They optimized and improved their TCP/IP stack and software to meet customers' diverse needs.

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Golojan Partners Coal City Mega Pavilion on "Coal City Mall" eCommerce

Golojan IBS IMPACT team has concluded partnership deals to with with a Mega Pavilion in Enugu State to take shopping in the state to the Next level, this is a huge development and great work of innovation.

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Golojan IBS Partners Dr. Dikeoha Matics on Kid Games

Our IMPACT tead has been having series of meetings and talks with Enugu State's bred mathematics guru Dr. Dikeoha a.k.a - Dikeohamatics. We are looking at possibility of partnering him in our 1,000 games projects for kids.

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