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Please note: Custom signs must be ordered on or before December 3rd in order to arrive before Christmas day.
Also note that all orders take longer to process and ship during November and December.

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LED Fun Facts
  • LED is an shorthand for "Light Emitting Diode". LEDS are a specific type of diode that lights up when voltage is applied across the diode.
  • The earliest known LED was invented in 1927 by Russian-born scientist Oleg Vladimirovich.
  • The advantages for LED lighting include high energy efficiency, their tough and compact form factor, and finally, durability. LEDS consume an amount of energy similar to a CFL bulb, but in less space, with no breakable glass to contend with.
  • A typical LED has a lifetime that's close to five years. This compares favorably to fluorescent bulbs, at about 2-3 years, and incandescent lamps, at a year or less.
  • An LED's working life is not affected by powering it on and off. In fact, most programmable LED signs aren't lit steadily, as they might appear to be. They actually flicker constantly, but faster than your eyes can detect. This technique is called "Pulse Wave Modulation", and is done to reduce power consumption and extend the life of the LED.

Affordable LED Signs

Popular Categories

Scrolling, Programmable Signs


Scrolling, programmable signs for indoors, windowfront, and outdoors. Low prices and a solid 1 year warranty. The most affordable source for programmable signs.

Open Signs


Let your customers know you're open for business with a high-quality LED open sign in your storefront window. Prices start at $44.99 (includes shipping). Full 1 year warranty.

Custom Signs


Can't find the right sign? Try a custom-made led sign. You won't find better pricing, starting at $189.99 + $7 per letter. These are hand-made, in the U.S. Try our 714-891-4851, or see all of our custom signs.

Restaurant and Business


These business and restaurant themed signs will bring in more customers. Our LED signs are real attention getters, and draw eyes to your storefront. Try the search box below.

Type in one word that describes your type of business.(bakery, alterations, gallery, etc)


Why LED Signs?

Why should you purchase an LED sign for your business?

There are many compelling reasons. Consider this:

  • The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) says this: "Across all forms of advertising, signage drives the most results, yet is the least expensive, over the long run."
  • Your signage reflects your business only have one chance to make a first impression.
  • Signs work all day, all night, every day of the year, even when your business is closed for the day
  • Attractive signage is key, and LED delivers on this front.
  • LED signs are proven sales boosters, often paying for themselves in days.
  • The United States Census Bureau, says that nearly one fourth of households move to new cities each year. Prominent signage means you're marketing to those new customers without lifting a finger.

Why Buy Your Sign From

  • We're not like most other online sellers. We have sign experts on staff, and a real retail location in Richland Hills, Texas. We aren't a johnny-come-lately that won't be around in a year. We are, however, a small business, and because of that, we can better understand your business needs.
  • Our warehouse stocks a huge selection of LED Open Signs, Business Signage, LED Moving Message Displays, as well as outdoor, waterproof, Open signs and Electronic Signs.
  • All of our products are extremely bright, professionally built, and consume less energy than other types of signs, like Neon.
  • Every sign comes with an unmatched 1-year warranty where, if you work with us, we'll cover the shipping. We take warranty work seriously, and should an issue arise, we'll make it right.
  • Real experts, and not an answering service, staff our phones and emails.