About UcarOk

We help those who are looking to buy a used car from a private party avoid used car dealers and find the perfect fit by making the process safer and easier than it's ever been. With the dealership out of the equation you can sit back, relax, and find the perfect car on your own, and save money at the same time.

Serving Dallas and sourrounding communities from our Plano location. Soon to be available in other major metropolitan areas.

(309) 702-0377

Having Trouble?

Are you tired of dealerships?
Can't get a history report?
Need help Financing
Wondering how much you should really be paying?
Do you ever forget to take your car in for maintenance?
Are you struggling to find the right car?

Why you should use UcarOK to buy a used car?

Easy to use

Private Parties Only

Feel Confident, Save Money

Wondering How it All Works?

Buyer 3 Step Process


Via App or Website


Test Drive at our location
Inspection by Certified Mechanic
Vehicle History Report


Negotiate Price via App or website
Get Financing, Insurance, State Inspection
Register, pay fees

We will assist you at each step in the process

Want to test a car yourself? Get the UcarOK connector

Before you buy know that the car you are looking at will pass a smog test as all states have this requirement for vehicle registration. With the optional uCarOK connector, and a smartphone you can see if the car will pass emissions testing even BEFORE buying

First call to our hotline support line, staffed by certified mechanics, is free with purchase of the connector