Polite language, in a sense, spoils a casual atmosphere.


Giovanni was never unkind to me.

He is rich but he is not happy.

She denied having taken part in the scheme.

We're timid.

The little children were too much for her.

The procrastination train has no brakes.

I'm Irish.

Two fried eggs and coffee, please.

I would have gone to where I should have gone, had I had the time, but I couldn't have had the time, so I didn't go.


To be able to explore and work in space, humans have to take their environment with them because there is no atmosphere to supply the pressure and oxygen necessary to support life.

Don't bother to respond.

Give him this message as soon as he arrives.

The management finally succumbed to the demand of the workers and gave them a raise.

Every reporter sent his stories with the least possible delay.


He has ten cows.

When are you going to see Lisa again?

The plants died for lack of water.


Can you blame her?

You should turn money to good use.

I told Clay I had to leave early.

Why did Frances want you dead?

I like to play guitar.


That's happened to me plenty of times.

Pamela is the most diligent student in his class.

You'll be safe now.

Dad goes fishing whenever he's free.

How fast you run!


She's a determined woman.

Hurricanes are storms accompanied by winds that can travel at 74 miles per hour.

Don't refer to this matter again, please.

Did you see or hear anything unusual last night?

Who wrote this letter?

Do you have enough money to buy what you need?

Ralph had to wait for Norma for about three hours.


Sam keeps waiting for his ship to come in.

I decided to go to Boston.

Choose no one to be your friend of whom you don't know how he treated his previous friends.


Would you like a plastic bag or a paper bag?

Have you guys seen him today?

I have good news for you.

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Joubert told Granville to make sure that she wasn't late.

Don't bother me.

She took over the will of him.

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Solve the problem.

When a big ape emerged from the cave, they got frightened and ran away.

This airport is easily accessible by bus.


I don't want anybody else.

Mr Thomas will be able to solve the problem.

Jack wanted to spend the weekend in Boston.

If he came here, I would receive him with open arms.

Lean in closer.

You can go if you have made up your mind.

They built a large plant to manufacture automobiles.


Obviously, it's not working.

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Is this a sheep or a goat?

Some insist that the Spanish hostel is a pornographic film.

The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature.

Srivatsan lived in Boston.

Oh boy, what's Dad going to do to you when he gets home?


We need to leave immediately.


Thanks to his advice, I have saved a lot of money.

I'm asking you to do this because I trust you.

Is it private?

I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

I serve pub food to Canadian customers.

That sounded a little desperate.

I really have to get back to the office.

Golf isn't my cup of tea.

Tad only got one thing wrong.

Ro, be reasonable.

I'm taking my son to the zoo this afternoon.

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It's very sad to find out that all of our plans were in vain.


I wish I had known.


Clark no longer lives here.

If the situation doesn't improve, I'll be obliged to take measures.

This book is so difficult, I can't read it.

Saumya is kind of handsome.

Did somebody call the police?

He's not jealous.

Don't be so impatient.

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Talk like that will raise suspicion.

Barry is still the same guy.

Thanks for making it happen.

We need to bide our time.

I can feel it in your touch.


Oh how warm the water in the sea is!

We'll never see them again.

I intend to go to the barbershop.

Her repertoire on the piano is not very large, but she has learned every piece by heart.

Jinny didn't mean it.

She used to play poker with us.

Our train must still wait for the arrival of yet another train.


I'm starting to get a bad feeling this.

My brother is a good skater.

Should I ask them?

They will follow her.

What do you want it for?

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Lyndon is worried about what might happen.


The men are wearing short sleeve shirts.


She washes the car.

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Stephan wasted no time.


Do you really want to go to Boston again?

How did Leung get to be so rich?

My father is the breadwinner.

Please let me take your picture.

Let's dance, shall we?

Ricky is friendly to everybody.

I have to get out once in a while.

We'll have a picnic in the park.

He would not take the money.

Jon convinced me that Leith was innocent.

Traffic is a major urban problem.

The dishes got sent to the wrong table.

Your questions were too direct.

It is not a real mansion.

I will remove the labels tagging the above sentences.

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"Don't be so serious!" "I think that sometimes one needs to be serious."

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At first, I was only looking at the French sentences, but before I knew it, I was hooked into translating them.


I'm kind of hungry.


The legislator of that state did away with outdated laws.

We've tried to do too much.

I am drinking coffee.

He's all right.

If I could send you a marshmallow, Trang, I would.

Claire wants to forgive his father for abandoning him.

That person's accent is incoherent to me.


Marriage is a type of human rights violation.

My car gets about 13 kilometers per liter.

He caught a terrible cold.

Herman didn't know how he should answer.

I am confused. Where should I go?


I figured you might be hungry by now.

Andrea tried to leave the old ways behind him.

We heard her cry.

Devon bought two copies of the book.

Some people hate to argue.

She felt sympathy for the orphan and gave him some money.

What bothers him is not the fidelity.


I feel so stupid.

Takayuki spoke to Timo about the matter.

Don't view opinions and facts as the same thing.

It would be nice to go when is sunny.

This isn't an easy thing for Suzan to do.

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Working to excess will do you harm.

It's in your interest to go.

How long are you staying here?


Michelle has been depressed lately.


Cathy has a temper.

Randal is our guest.

This isn't your place.

I misunderstood.

We're not on the same team.

I question Hal's motives.

Jane was nice to all Paula's friends.


Adrian seems a little annoyed.


Andy is now working for a secret service agency. However, he can't say which one, because that must remain a secret.


Is it true that Seenu can't drive?

I suggest we go outside and see what's happening.

This is really beautiful.