He responded very quickly to my letter.

You should have seen it.

The teacher, not having heard the bell, didn't stop talking.

Clarence is fluent in French.

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After I graduated from college, I spent two years traveling around the world.

Ro said that you wanted to go with us.

I didn't want them to worry.


In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man is.

I wasn't helpful.

Ramon is a nice boy.

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I'm in way over my head.

He is older than any other student in his class.

Never has he returned since.

Change is good, even though it's sometimes painful.

The car is waxed and shining.

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We'll get right back to you.


These flowers are dying.

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This should be really interesting.


The world needs to develop new energy sources in place of oil.


How many bees live in a hive?


I'm not as busy as Sigurd.


Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.

That will buy us some time.

The descent is dangerous.

A passing car splashed my coat with water.

He stood up to go inside.

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I've always hated doing that.

He let the dog loose in the garden.

Do you know why Julian wasn't at school today?

I've got an emergency.

Lucifer said he had room in his garage for me to keep some of my things.

Hang on. The ambulance will get here in just a little bit.

What do you have in this bag?


I had an interesting day today.

I promised her I'd not tell anyone.

I agree with what you say.

The building crumbled to pieces three years ago.

I think Hotta and Shaw are right.

Kanthan was flabbergasted.

I'm sure you're as disappointed as I am.

The whole area was flooded when the main burst.

Clouds blacken the sky (and everyone's mood).

The socks smell bad.

I saw something on the other side of the room.

What do I need?

I wait for you in Turin!

Don't interfere in my affairs.

I don't like using dildos, I prefer real cocks.

That incident changed their lives.

I'd like a chilled one.


Gill is cute.

Japan is bounded by water on every side.

He was a trusted friend.

I often read the Bible at night just before I go to sleep.

In this apartment lives a wicked spirit.


The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, in the Great Dog constellation.

Drew said he didn't want to go to Boston.

We can't let them kill him.

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Somebody's made a mistake.

Who sent her?

I don't want to wear a wig.

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An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact, he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feet.

It looks like Jacob has been bitten by the love bug.

That's imitation leather.


He can hardly speak any English.

We passed through the Panama Canal.

You are the last person that I expected to meet.

Do you know what love is?

He should disclose everything and face the music.

I was never told that I needed a visa.

Most writers are sensitive to criticism.

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Her skin was white as milk and she had not a single blemish anywhere.

I'll give you anything you want.

By mistake I boarded a train going in the opposite direction.

Billy is my son.

Children drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air per kilogram of body weight than adults.


Could you take off the price tag for me?

I am coughing.

Why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?

Merril was attacked by a shark.

I am not going to the picnic, because I don't feel well.


Ron denied having a relationship with Hon.

Vickie said he had to go somewhere.

I know Vijay and Shahid broke up.


Do you need an ambulance?

The manager wants to improve the company's structuring.

One Sunday morning George burst into the living room and said this.


Maria had too many distractions in her day to day life.


I'll tell her where I went.

Gigi didn't want to go to Boston by himself.

Hit the lights and let's go.

So I just learned from a post on Facebook that the account that I thought wasn't working got hacked, some bad stuff happened, and it got banned. I was on vacation, so I had no idea this had transpired, and I hope that by posting this here, I can clear up that I didn't have anything to do with that, but I'd like to know who did.

It is said that the disease has been spreading.

As a matter of fact, you are absolutely right.

You look sick.

Nobody wanted to talk about my country.

I'm much obliged to for your kindness.

Sylvan doesn't have to listen to what Olson says.

I need to know where you are.

Your house is on fire!

The boy was fed up with being treated as a burden.

Jeff was welcomed back.

Dirk is poor and happy.

Did Stephe seem happy?

The company I work for isn't doing so well this year.


Saad got rid of his old books.

It was worse than I thought it would be.

Robin is probably hungry.

This is the final lecture of the series.

Mac was about to complain, but decided against it.

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Plumbers are well paid for their labor.


Masuo can bend spoons.

Bud was acquitted of the charges.

He's mumbling something.

Daryl will help us.

He was happy that he passed that exam.

This isn't correct.

It's clear Cecilia is unhappy.

It happens to everyone.

How much longer do you think it'll be until Jos gets here?

Did you sleep all day?

The ditch is ten feet wide.


I'm trying to tell you what happened.

I'm on the wrong bus.

My father took out his wallet and gave me ten dollars.

We can't go there right now.

I'm absolutely burnt out.

What time do you usually return home?

If you are not firm with the children, they will get out of hand.

The event starts at 7am.

Sanjib and Srinivas laughed about the time they had a food fight.

I don't know how to translate that sentence correctly.

We do things together.


Connie did this.


That custom has little currency in Japan.

Name-calling is never productive.

Illness prevented Jim from attending the meeting.


Clay is just a friend.


Have you ever taken a lie detector test?

He wouldn't give his name.

Whatever you did was by you done.


The sooner we get there, the more likely are we to get seats.


Dr. Jemison has practiced medicine as a volunteer in a Cambodian refugee camp and as a medical officer with the Peace Corps in West Africa.

Wayde van Niekerk broke the world record and won the gold medal in the 400m sprint.

Everyone was there.

We should be talking to them.

We have exams right after summer vacation.

I haven't seen Scott here before.

The only reason I even came here was because of Ramesh.

The crocus is a forerunner of spring.

Miriam's paralyzed.


I'm not going to press charges.

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Why would anybody kidnap me?


The book, being read, was under the table.

Could anything be more romantic?

Mariou is unambitious, isn't he?


I can take this to her.

We're not getting married.

It's done!

Toss the gun onto the table.

I know I will win.

An older man was sitting on the bench.

Can you tell him to call back?