I don't even know if I want to do this anymore.


Did you go to school today?

Germany is one of the largest cheese producers in the world.

I read my comic books and I'm happy.

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It's not likely to rain tomorrow.

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Brian is doing what we asked, isn't he?

Russia should give Kuril islands back to Japan.

Pretend nothing's going on.

Alceste's family is eating with proper manners.

I see that you have a Greek name.

Maureen heard the sound of a gun being cocked.

He is my working mate.


Can I borrow your dictionary?

The question is more than legitimate.

It's great fun.

Send it to me.

I hardly ever throw food away.

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The ship sailed along the coast of Shikoku.

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Piet didn't understand Devon's reasoning.

Stop pressuring me.

I am a Klingon warrior.

Are you still mad at her?

You have to eat.

She is accustomed to sitting.

You don't seem so hungry.

Her fears gradually quietened down.

Jane was billed to appear as Ophelia.


Geoff took a twenty from his pocket.

A good idea sprung to my mind.

Russell is really good at memorizing songs.

We're candid.

Your socks don't match.

What happened to Chris? We don't see her these days.

Her hair feels like silk.

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Her mouth hurt a lot.

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Graham is still studying in Boston, isn't he?


It is my firm intention to do this.

Hy works part-time after school.

Fees are about to go up.

Eliot isn't himself today.

He runs a wildlife research center in the Amazonian jungle.


He lives in the wood all by himself.

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Guy can dance fairly well, can't he?

It didn't make much difference.

Where were you all night?

He has been to Hawaii several times.

He saw the bird in the tree.

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We're listening.

They will be here any minute.

Cynthia is quite frank.

Send for the doctor at once.

The poor boy sat there with his sister on his lap, and sung to her all the songs he knew, and now and then he looked into his geography lesson that lay open before him.

Many young men bled for the revolution.

The purported director of the film is still unknown.

Your girlfriend is going to be so mad at you.

You must encourage him to try again.

We both have to go to work.

England is synonymous with football, fish & chips, and the Queen.

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You'd better bring Giles up to date.


My little Vasilissa, my dear daughter, listen to what I say, remember well my last words and fail not to carry out my wishes. I am dying, and with my blessing, I leave to thee this little doll. It is very precious for there is no other like it in the whole world. Carry it always about with thee in thy pocket and never show it to anyone. When evil threatens thee or sorrow befalls thee, go into a corner, take it from thy pocket and give it something to eat and drink. It will eat and drink a little, and then thou mayest tell it thy trouble and ask its advice, and it will tell thee how to act in thy time of need.


I don't know whether Gregory can speak French or not.

I know Dick's wife.

I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

Last week she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

This air cleaner came pretty cheap when I bought it, but I'm rather suspicious of the "negative ions" it produces.

They slept on public streets, buses, or trains.

Jussi is used to the work.

Did you see that video where President Obama kills a fly with his bare hands?

In the distance there stood a dimly white lighthouse.

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Antony just told me something personal.

I'm Julia's case manager.

You have nothing to fear.

I have a lot of problems at the moment.

Gerald sang to Kriton.

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We only did that once.


They had a good reason to be happy about it.

They went out after they finished lunch.

I could swim well even when I was a child.

Magnus already knew about it.

I couldn't help yawning.

Dan had been sleepwalking.

You've been doing a pretty good job so far.

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We are glad to help you.

The photo on my passport is very recent.

Johann heard an explosion and ran outside to see what had happened.


I want to be a sport reporter.

He was the only one not invited to the party.

Tell him I'm in a meeting.

I really appreciate all the trouble you've gone to.

They had no food.

It snowed a good deal last night.

May I have a shilling, sir?

I don't like this place.

Before they grasp what is happening to them, the police will arrest them.

My heart was filled with happiness.

Lately, I haven't been able to see him, we just pass by each other.


I should've tried something else.

I'd like some input.

Could you choose a couple of books for me to read?


I see you are ready.

Knudsen invited Mark over to eat dinner.

I should be back home the next day.

Don't leave the water running.

Raise a loud voice, then all goes wrong.

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Andrea became emotional and choked up during his retirement speech.

I neglected it.

I hadn't seen her in years.

May you both have a long and happy life together.

She would never own up to a mistake.

He could still be alive somewhere.

Why are you protecting them?

A small snowball is capable of starting an avalanche.


We need to settle the serious matter at once.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

He has visited France three times.

Pay at the cash register.

His words gave me hope.

He never saw her again.


How did Honzo explain that?


Ralph doesn't need a babysitter.

We definitely need Rich's help.

Miki weirds me out sometimes.

Please translate sentence for sentence in Tatoeba.

I didn't mean to wake him up.

We wish we could've done more.

Trey was looking for you at that time.

It's gotten cold. Be careful you don't catch a cold.

You're not sleeping enough.

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That car is the best deal for your money.


We loved them.

Can you talk a little bit about that?

How could I be a robot? Robots can't dream.


Alan likes porn.

Every child took to the new teacher.

Can we go to the shops for sweets, please?

The proposed methodology is applied to three case studies in simulation.

What's the best drug for that cancer?


I'm sending Sean home.

I haven't been to Boston for a while.

Esperanto is a peaceful language.


A sure method to be rich is to be born rich.

I would like to take a walk, but the day is too hot.

He found a position as junior lawyer in Glogau in 1796, then in 1798 in Berlin and in 1800 he became assessor in the province of Posen.

This pottery is made by a local artist.

I can't decide which to choose.

My son has got into bad company.

I'm trying to sleep.

Markus drank in silence.

It is quiet here at night.

Dan traveled to London to see Linda.

I just want to get this over with.

Fanta is my favourite soda brand.

Michael Jackson is the best music artist of all time.

I am not always free on Sundays.

King was afraid Naoto wouldn't believe him.

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We've got problems of our own.


How to say XXX in Dutch?


Just don't surrender.


She expressed her thanks for the present.

We unexpectedly found a cat in the box.

After eating dinner, I washed the dishes.

I hope you don't do something stupid.

He has lost his umbrella.