When the letter arrived, I opened it.

I'll phone you later.

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He is liked by Ellen.


Regrettably, we have not received your reply.


Does anybody here know him?

I wasn't flirting with Frederic.

I put myself on guard against the danger.

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I'll never forget the look on her face.

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They may not know anything about this.


Jim hasn't come home yet.

You're supposed to knock before you enter someone's office.

These problems must be dealt with carefully.

There's something I've got to do.

You are doing something inapropriate.

Edward didn't call Diana, did he?

Mother has just gone shopping.


That's the offer.


I have faith in your ability to do the right thing.


Day after day, the dog sat waiting for his master in front of the station.


You should've turned right.


Nick is mocking Ken.


Don't forget your coat!

Carter said he was going to try out for his school soccer team.

Let me deal with him.

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I need your passport and three pictures.

I will get it back from Jisheng.

I found it difficult to achieve my purpose.

Shakespeare was not of an age but for all time.

Seeing the fresh lobster made me hungry.


Benjamin is supervising.

I need an interpreter for her class.

Spy died before the ambulance arrived.

Ravindran performed last night.

I thought we'd try that new restaurant down the street.

Could you do this instead of me?

I am a translation system but I am not automatic!

Their marriage is a sham.

I decorated my room.

Where were you? I've been looking for you for a long time.

One man's medicine is another man's poison.

Mitch is going to be very upset.

When did you start having trouble with Brad?

I'll do it tomorrow.

You're finished in Boston.

Saint Peter's Square is crowded.

Do you believe in the Evil Eye?

There is a fork missing.

Rob is very overweight, isn't he?


The dog jumped at the girl on her way to school.

Do you have an appointment with him?

I have visited more than nine countries to date.

We all consider he's the cleverest dog in the world.

Sleep is more pleasant than death. At least, there's not much difference.


How long were you there?


He stopped smoking and started running.

He was deathly afraid of Barbies.

Industrialization often goes hand in hand with pollution.

I love my independence.

I'd like to work with her.

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What did you tell him about us?


She'll get the better of you if you aren't careful.


I prepared a weak solution of sugar.

We discussed the matter with each other.

Why would you have dinner with Raymond?

The boy, upon seeing a butterfly, proceeded to run after it, provoking the anger of his mother, who had ordered him to stay quiet while she gossiped with the lady next door.

Let's speak about it.

My work at school was well above average.

What did he do here?

Could you tell me how to get to the station?

When the king came in, the choir began intoning praises.

Give me a beer.

It is advisable for him to go.


She is sewing a dress.

I will get up before the day is breaking.

This story does not make sense!

You should have accepted his advice.

Are you really Ti's brother?

Bad wheat always makes poor bread.

Please pull over.


I spoke with him earlier today.

Jeannette followed Ritchey's car across the streets of Boston.

Let me give you my personal opinion.

What colour were they?

Imagine a situation where you are all alone.

Although rainforests make up only two percent of the earth's surface, over half the world's wild plant, animal and insect species live there.

Heinrich put the book back on the shelf.


Your room is ready.

I just wanted to come say goodbye.

Can you do me a favour?


I was too tired to walk any farther.

She is incapable of doing anything alone.

He reported the accident to his insurance company.

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You really don't have to do that.

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My father fixed a broken chair.

"Who, and what are you?" Scrooge demanded. "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past."

I need to go.

Suu can be counted on.

The coffee is brewing.

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I don't think it's worth it.

We have to be patient.

I don't like drinking.

We grow grains and keep animals: ducks, geese, sheep, goats and cows.

Do whatever needs to be done.


He spoke only to the chief of police and not to the policeman.

There aren't any signs that Lanny has been here.

It's useless.

Do be careful.

I think we have a winner.


I have to ask you something.

Does anyone want some more pie?

That's not what happened here.

Who is that person over there?

Gretchen wrote a suicide note.

The day will come when you will realize it.

I want to go to Korea.

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If you bite your fingernails, sooner or later you will make your fingers bleed.

Don't look down on yourself, because people have limitless possibilities.

Theo will be just fine.


I hope to own my own house someday.


An hexagon has six sides.


Roxanne didn't know all the facts.

The vase broke into fragments.

We've got to find a doctor.

He is a musician of the first rank.

What's that supposed to be, some kind of sick joke?

There was once an old castle, that stood in the middle of a deep gloomy wood, and in the castle lived an old fairy.

Are these bananas ripe?

The child is learning quickly.

Amanda accidentally hit his thumb with a hammer.


I'm not much of a drinker.

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Who said we were going to die?

That was a disaster.

We are flying above the clouds.

Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a red rag to a bull.

How do squirrels remember where they buried their food?

You need to prepare yourself.

I must go home.

Our love will burn forever.

I go to bed at around ten at night.

There are many simple games which can be played with just paper and pencil, such as hangman and tic-tac-toe (sometimes called naughts and crosses).

I'm feeling a little sad today.


I began the book.

Hans picked up one and looked at it carefully.

How was your date with her?

Kamel lives in a small space.

We won't go for a walk if the weather's bad.

I wouldn't be surprised if lots of Tatoeba members were Scrabble addicts as well.

My car has power windows and power door locks.

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Is this all you have, sir?

We'll talk soon, Suzan.

Chris is the most beautiful girl I know.

He feels hurt.

I get the feeling this will be a good day.

Archie is expendable.

He knows how to lock this door.

I'm going to visit Nick.

Now that Kimmo has left, Pim is happier.

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Are you sure this is a good time?

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They've heard by chance some suspicious activity in the thicket which indicated that a bear smelled their food also.

Beauty without grace is like a rose without a scent.

I found his pretentious demeanor quite disconcerting.