You aren't as short as me.

I love you as a person and I hate your error.

I left your umbrella in the bus.

Did you tell him?

Your sudden appearance has surprised me.

"Want to drop round my place?" "Can I?" "My parents come home late as they both work."

How are they the same?

Vern began talking.

I have already done so many sacrifices, I can't afford to do another one!

We had fun, didn't we?

Some incidents from my childhood are crystal clear, others are just a dim memory.

That's a strange name for a company.

I'm not mad.

That has to be a misprint.

Who's watching the kids?

You have six unread messages.

Don't tell him that, or he'll start crying.

We enjoyed ourselves very much.

They have everything they need.

We must be kind to the elderly.

I am also a citizen of Tokyo.

Let's go over there and sit down a while.

I saw a strange light in the woods.

He has rough manners.


You can't afford to be careless in this experiment.

Norbert needs more money.

I will do my duty to the best of my ability.

This is a nice camera.

What tempted him to come home?

The boat was approaching the English Channel.

Wine is not to my taste.

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No one has died yet.

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What topics is she discussing?

This towel is so soft and fluffy. It feels good!

Krzysztof wasn't murdered.

The household was already awake at 6 in the morning.

She says that she can see through walls.

Debi has only had three days off.

Jews, Christians and Moslems, we all are children of God.


We can't just leave him.

Suddenly a bear appeared before us.

If there are the smallest signs of life on Mars, it could prove the theory of Panspermia.

Whatever you write, it will be translated. People translate just about anything without even reflecting on what it is they're translating, or if it makes sense at all.

This wasn't planned.

Will you pay cash?

The more I advise the young people, the less they oppose me.

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Preem Palver is the first speaker.

Brender is wearing John's shoes.

Could you keep it down?

That really made a difference.

As of January 2011, Jupiter has 50 named moons. 13 more have been discovered but not given official status or names.

His irresponsibility astounds me.

Billy often hits his face against windows.

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Patrice is a perfectionist.


It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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Each person has various reasons for going on a trip abroad.

He was ashamed of having done such a thing.

Where's Tehran?

What have you told her?

That's not very elegant.


Always arrive on time.

I kept hoping I'd meet Kim.

I asked them to unlock the door.

I can't repay you.

A truck hit the dog.


It will soon be September.

Laura was quite young at the time.

I gave him the afternoon off.

Can I speak with you?

Some of the cobalt used in phone and laptop batteries is dug out by hand in Congo.

I didn't have any accidents or other problems.

Elwood didn't tell me anything.

Deb seems to be unwilling to lower the price.

How old were you when you learned to swim?

Tell them I said hi.

Unfortunately, these beautiful words are not mine.

Winston didn't go to the lake with us.

Art was shot trying to run away.

I think the pay is enough.

Ning still thinks Murph likes him.

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Soon ripe, soon rotten.


I love cooking for my family.

Auckland is a city in New Zealand.

I'm not surprised one bit.

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Everybody likes French fries.

We cultivate twenty hectares of land.

We try and look after each other.

The weather forecast says there'll be showers.

We're all to blame for that.

With both mind and body in their best condition, let's look forward to the newcomers' training camp.

John is senior to me by two years.

Theo is scared to death.

How he has suffered!

Who stopped?

Junko is a beautiful girl.

All right, listen carefully.

Don't you realize what you've done?


It was Mike that telephoned the police.

I think Collin doesn't want our help.

I'm not good at self-promotion.

Best men are like the best coffee: strong, hot and keeps you awake all night long.

More precisely, it is the question of the meaning of life.

Ask your teacher and he will assign you one.

Jacob wasn't allowed to help Serdar.

After pleasure comes pain.

I just can't keep my eyes open.

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I just don't buy it.


Maybe you got the date wrong.


This milk tastes terrible.

Let me say one thing.

Tad is a very close friend, but he's not my boyfriend.

Is that Casper's?

I'm sure Robin will make you proud.

That was probably what influenced their decision.

He put up his hand to catch the ball.

Merat has got quite a temper.

I need you to tell me what's going on.

Francis never knew Joe.

Why would I want to go there?

Terry lives with Charley like a dog and a cat.

Are you Valentin?

I try to avoid going into the woods after dark.

Konstantinos knows a lot about music.

Yoshida, don't stress.

Bjorne's mother didn't like dogs.

I bought this book at the book store in front of the station.

The violin, the piano, and the harp are musical instruments.

Herb was a manager.

I wish that Mari would move out of the apartment below because she makes so much noise.

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I got here at 2:30.

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I think I finally understand now.

Hear me out, please.

Jagath spent the weekend by himself.

The waterways branch out across the plain.

I agree with you, except for the part about the profits.

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Have you ever been kissed before?

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I don't know how Kenneth got my phone number.


I'm not signing it.

I've had a lot of practice.

Did you take these pictures in Germany?

She has no more pain.

I'm undressing.

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Olivier is very interested in this scheme.

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She has an abundant supply of seeds to plant in the spring.


Today is Friday, and I've done what I do almost every Friday.

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Is that really it?

Ken threw a sushi party at his house.

Pria was an artilleryman.

Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.

They lost.

Mother has not cooked dinner yet.

Please don't try to find me.

When class is over, it will probably be raining.

Sheep give us wool.


Mats paused momentarily.

We'll protect you.

Don't go after her, man. It's just not worth it.

Gregge can dance better than Rik.

Noam wrote me more than thirty messages yesterday.

Where are you going? Should we accompany you?

There is a woman at the origin of all great achievements.


The budget must be balanced.

He both speaks and writes French.

This is the very book for you to read.

The only thing I have now are memories.

Don't accept the world the way it is.

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My wife asked me to throw this old hat away.

There are not many Berbers contributing to Tatoeba.

Do they get up early in the morning?


It is very impolite of us to decline her invitation.