Dory wanted to know the truth.

There was thin ice on the lake.

None of the food was left.

Masanao is familiar with the topic.

Dirk tried to persuade Vic to stay in Boston.

Sonja worked for me for three years.

There was a large crowd in the hall.


Makemake was first discovered in 2005. It was formally recognized as a dwarf planet in 2008 by the International Astronomical Union.


The last I heard, Jean-Christophe and Olson are still married.

Anatole has been very upset.

I suggest trying to get some sleep.


Al became increasingly agitated.


I said nothing, which made him more furious.


Eric betrayed Colin's trust.

It's interesting that you speak French. I also speak it.

She is interested in learning new ideas.

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Don't come near the bulldog in case it bites.

Please tell him it's urgent.

John is my best friend.


He likes to beat around the bush.

I feel hopeful about the future.

I told him not to drive my car.


Try not to splatter the ink.


Dan doesn't know what to do about it.

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Banks will try to lend you an umbrella on a sunny day, but they will turn their backs on a rainy day.


The air conditioner is out of order.

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What did you do to get grounded?

I like showy clothes.

After eating, the first thing I do is brush my teeth.


Do you really want me to go there right now?

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An army is a group of soldiers.

You seem anxious.

Some think that a belief in Santa Claus is on a par with belief in God.

Professor Brown explains things very well.

Land occupies the minor portion of the earth's surface.

Whose is this phone?

He is good at solving complicated mathematical problems.

What can I bring?

As soon as he went to bed, he fell asleep.

She's not a hero.

I wish I could understand you better.

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He had worked hard to keep Kansas peaceful.

Stop. It's not funny anymore.

My wristwatch is running a bit too fast.

You seem weirder than usual.

I have been a bit distracted this morning.


The food didn't go to waste.

It sounds very good.

I'm living proof that death can be overcome.


The doctor pulled the paper from his pocket.

Tomorrow will be the day of truth.

Clarissa is worried about you.

They were adopted.

Where did you train them?


It is driving me crazy.

He'll carry you.

We'd never hurt Alejandro.


I have waited for her all my life.

I'm on holiday.

I am no match for you at tennis.

He's liable to shout when angry.

Did you know that, too?

"How about playing catch?" "Sure, why not?"

I have a boat and a car.

I don't want you to think I'm dissatisfied.

Horst is the only one who seems to be enjoying himself.


I have money for you.


He was covered with bruises.


Ask Luke to help you.

The teenage actress has quite a few fans.

Feathers are a distinguishing feature of birds.


Why are you suing Catherine?

Jorge says his left leg hurts.

Mott works as hard as anybody else does.

Tell me a bedtime story.

Piet led the group of men into his office.

That would be my guess.

Where can I buy a brush?

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We were trying to protect you.

In America elderly people are not given the same degree of respect they receive in many other countries.

Olaf wishes he had a maid.


I'll give you a piece of my mind.

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I heard you two are going out now. Is it true?

His remark was really out of line.

I can't ask Jeffie for any more money.

You had better consult the others.

Pratapwant took me to the circus when I was a kid.


Who would want to kill you, Horst?

Do you think you can manage?

She advised him to go by bicycle.

We had fun at Disneyland.

I stayed over at a friend's yesterday.

You're a good teacher.

They said Hume was tired.

She was weeping with pain.

A pair of Ronald Reagan's cowboy boots, which were valued at $20,000, sold for almost $200,000.

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Cris was clever.

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Maybe I should help them.

Dan stole Matt's identity and cashed thousands of dollars from Matt's account.

I never liked Christmas.

Vadim was allowed to sleep.

The piece of cake Al gave me was so big that I couldn't eat it all.

Mason asked a stupid question.

Footsteps outside the house. It sounded like someone jumping from the wall.

Jeany can't play the drums very well.

Watch out for your tongue.


You look like a lawyer.

Think told Heinz he wasn't busy.

That's just sad.


He didn't answer my question.

This did not satisfy Elvis, and the relationship between them cooled.

I landed him a blow on the chin.

I'm cooking.

You killed Vistlik.

This song was written by Foster.

They say he's a good doctor.

It's just so unexpected.

The ship proceeded to her destination.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday.

Caroline is really good at telling jokes.


It's never safe.


I'm speaking Spanish to my cat.

The Higgs boson has been called the God particle.

After eye surgery, George put in eye drops every fifteen minutes.

Please say you're kidding.

Now there's a whole new set of problems.


He's not a surgeon, but a butcher.

The structural integrity of the building is compromised.

I'll pick you up at your office at 2:30.

Wade played with his kids.

We're just getting started.


Let's have lunch downtown and take in a show.

She is not a nurse, but a doctor.

Ben is watching television.

Harry got all the vegetables that Naomi needs to prepare lunch from the garden.

Pioneer 10 crossed Pluto's orbit in 1983.


I helped the boy who got lost in the department store.


Without air there can be no wind or sound on the moon.


It is accepted that we'll have a meeting tomorrow.


It makes no difference to me whether Fred came to the party or not.

Mention Mexico, and tacos come to mind.

Japanese should not forget that America is a multiracial nation.

Kelly was incredibly bored.

I am almost ready.

Seymour has already decided when he wants to leave.

What kind of questions do you want me to answer?

Dan burst into tears and left the room.

Sorry, but I have to work tonight.

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This medicine will take care of your headache.

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Between sobs, that lost girl said her name.


I didn't hit anybody.

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He has run up large debts.

Can you remember his name?

Do you go shopping at the weekend?

Did Gail ever talk about me?

We don't accept charity.