I have never heard him complain.

Most people can do this without a problem.

Elijah whispered something in Brandon's ear.

You really are desperate.

Saad is a southpaw.

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She says there is a hidden treasure here.

His wife caught him out with that blonde and then he was really up shit creek without a paddle.

Relax and slow down.

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He manufactures toys in China.

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Other people aren't interested.

She's materialistic and shallow.

You need to have exact change to pay the toll of the expressway.


He always prefers to surround himself with girls.


You're smart.


Sickness often results from eating too much.

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What resources are in place to encourage employee development?

There is a shortage of money in Brian's wallet and bank account.

We can still break even.


I'm only going to write small sentences without commas.

I can speak a little English.

Pierre talked Son into buying his old car.

I need not have watered the flowers. Just after I finished it started raining.

You're going about this all wrong.

I've got too much work to do.

We took the fastest train in the world from the airport to the city center.


The voting began again at noon.


I'm meeting Sarah in an hour.

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He blamed me for the accident.

Have you washed the dishes?

That's just what she needed.

Why would I need gloves?

It's just what happens.

I always eat healthy.

You don't want to be late for practice.

Do you have news for me?

Reading books is a habit of mine.

I'll tell them where I went.

Mario's not quite sure of that one.


Rathnakumar turned on the lights.

Call me at six-thirty, please.

You didn't need to tell me that.

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What will this accomplish?

Break it!

Is this about Deb?

It's rude to wolf down your food like that.

His remarks added up to a condemnation of my plan.


I've heard from him.

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We are not being careful.


We all look out for each other.


The ribbon doesn't match the dress.


I wish I'd studied harder when I was young.

I'll mention it to her.

Caroline will last.

Do not come back, OK?

We have a good chance of breaking ahead if we manage our assets carefully.

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Now, can we try this again?

Why aren't you wearing the bracelet I gave you?

A boy needs a father he can look up to.

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I'm going to win this.

There's not much I can do for you.

I told him that I'd help you.

Leopold, she whispered to me, restrain yourself.

Keep your hands off her.

The investigation is under way.

A small company employs 50 people.


I'm going for a walk.


This new application claims to be user friendly. Well, it isn't.


Does she have a boyfriend?


Jay made fun of Guido.


He directed all his energy to his business.


He sent the letter back unopened.

A gang of thieves broke into the bank.

I'll be able to see him next year.

Edmond and Dylan both work eight hours a day.

Go with your instincts.

I had a great time in Boston.

What else can I give you?

The reason is clear.

She jogs every morning before breakfast.

Sergeant Dan Anderson ordered a barricade erected around the police station.

Isaac's not as bad as you think.

Mr Yamada frowned on the estimate presented by a travel agency.

Hy is being tortured.


Celia is a better tennis player than I am.


Stanly isn't supposed to be doing that.

Why didn't somebody call me?

I'll build a large building.

We have been here for three weeks.

It appears that you are not paying attention to me.

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What were the main points of Miriamne's speech?


Jaded zombies acted quietly but kept driving their oxen forward.

The magazine is aimed at teenagers.

I don't remember inviting you.

School begins on April 8.

I know I can do it.


I agree with what you say.

Manavendra didn't do what he promised he would do.

I'd really like to go to Boston with you.

What was the time of death?

She let go of the boy's hand.

That was then and this is now.

Alberto shot Root.

I don't get much exercise sitting in the office all day.

Why didn't you mention that?

We have fixed some paint chips from rocks on your car.

I hiccup a lot.

He lied deliberately.

He started it!


Try and hurry up.

A woman Pierre didn't know approached him.

What did Mick know?


He doesn't know what to do.

Harry sat on a tree trunk.

I was full of shame at my rudeness.

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I suggest you try harder.

I don't know how much this motorcycle is.

I was disappointed at there being so little to do.

Mistakes do happen.

Don't pick at me.

Guess what happened to me.

Suspending the trial is out of the question.

Sassan's family liked it in Boston.

Not wanting to boast but I've never got better than a 3 on my report card for home economics. Out of 10 that is.

We met up last winter.

Avoid it at all cost.

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I think Evan is loyal.


Did Rhonda make it?

Why don't you go to your room and play?

You have to move.


This sentence is true.

David leaned on Kevyn's shoulder for support.

We've already begun.

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Justin is feminine.

On Sundays I relax.

You may bill the foot only if you are a podiatrist, otherwise, you may just foot the bill.

I wonder if it's true.

We planted peanuts instead of cotton.


I poured myself a glass of whisky.


It's not legal for people under 20 to drink in Canada.

He contributed a lot of money to the hospital.

This invention of his proved to be of great value.

Whether you say hullo or hello, you are greeting a person in the same manner.

If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures.

She has a kind heart.

This problem is really annoying.


Hazel can't deny it anymore.

There is as much water left in this bottle as in that one.

I will put off my departure if it rains.

Juliane is still kind of depressed.

Gale and Michiel have never met.


I just got back.

He earns three times as much as I.

Do you prefer buying clothes with or without a hood?

There's the presence of an interpreter.

We're not that far from my place.


Elias wants me to stay for a couple of weeks.