Hello, I am Sinpin


Hello! I am Sinpin


Welcome to Sinpin's page, Founder of Sinpin Investments Group, Co-Founder of Babadudu and CEO of NMA Technology Group.

Sinpin is also the Founder of the Sinpin Media Group (SMG) who owns Sinpin Records Ltd, Sinpin Media Ltd, Sinpin Express Ltd, SinpinTV and Sinpin Talent Management Company Ltd, Reanos Bar and Grill LLC, Sinpin Café, V-Gang, The Juiceman, Sinpin Bakery and Chairman RIG Group.

Sinpin started his career as an investment banker in the city of London working for Citigroup and Capita Registrars.

Deals involvement during banking career includes Alliance and Leicester, BAA and Jaguar (Mergers and Acquisition)

Graduate of West London University (Formerly Thames Valley University), with over 16 years of experience in Investment Banking, e-commerce, F and B, Hospitality, Mergers and Acquisition and Retail.

Prior roles include, working on projects for Kcal, Soho Grill, St Tropez, Sinpin Café, V-Gang, S’wich, Munch Investment LLC, Sinpin Food Festival (SFF), part of a team that built the first kitchen incubator in UAE. Strong experience in F&B, financial reporting, assets management and share plans.

“My vision is to create and empower my fellow Human being and enable them at the same time” I want to create products that are necessary to the needs of the people and make access to things that should be easy to reach.

I hope that you share my vision and follow me on my journey to create and empower our leaders of tomorrow.

Services I offer

Hospitality Consultancy

Dream of owning your own restaurant? Let us help you turn your dream to reality. We offer complete restaurant operations, training management and menu development

Out Team

Our amazing team of restaurant professionals, executive chefs, menu development team, general managers, marketing experts and have years of experience in their corresponding areas of expertise.

Core Specialization

Central kitchens warehouse management along with the opportunity to work with businesses already operating yet in financial difficulty or distress in any particular process.


Committed to our clients' success, growth and long term development. Our values are simple yet consistent through all areas of our work. We create projects that exceed expectations.

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