Ruth hasn't played mahjong in ages.

We need to look for other options.

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He took pride in his dog.


Exactly, you must be him.

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Mother is busy cooking and washing all day long.


This table accommodated six persons.

As I am ill, I will not join you.

Why's Murray so angry?


You clearly are interested in buying that dress.

How do you spell "bludgeon"?

They decided to adopt a child rather than having one of their own.

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Kamui no Ken was a sort of samurai/ninja story set during the transition of the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the re-establishment of Japan under the Emperor Meiji in 1868.

Susumu doesn't care what I'm doing.

He is always full of power.

He is a sluggish student.

If you don't know, who does?

Do they know that we know?

A blender lets you mix different foods together.

I'm ready and willing, Eliot.

In the last minute, Marcello score an equalizing goal.


Loren and Kylo were walking at a brisk pace.

How often do you go swimming in the sea each summer?

Liz is the least sensitive person Donne knows. Every time she talks with him, he hurts her feelings, unintentionally, and without noticing.

This isn't a new car.

Patricia took a cup out of the cabinet.

I need to follow up on that.

I'll get a second job.


We couldn't stop Pia from leaving.

We're grateful for your assistance.

Did you receive my message?

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The girl was called Elizabeth after her grandmother.

Why are you sitting at a desk?

What is the continent with the most people living on it in the world?


What are we doing here?


I don't consider them friends.

Anita and Indra painted some ostrich eggs for Easter.

I have orchids of different shapes and colors.

We're going dancing tonight.

Hold on to the rail.

There's something inside here.

I enjoyed Barton's wit.

I've left my charger at home.

Today is January 2nd.

This isn't a trap.

I slept only two hours.

He cracked nuts.


I'm too old for him.

The man was arrested by the police.


I'm hungover.

Is there anything you can tell us about it?

Nobody wants to work.


Why don't you come out here and look for yourself?

The distance from my home to yours is two kilometers.

What kind of costume are you planning on wearing to the Halloween party?

Raise your hand if you know the answer.

Jan jacked up the car.

I knew where to search.

Isaac is a boy at Ramadoss's school.

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I want to see you in my office this afternoon.


If Kristian goes, I won't.

Jordan has tonsillitis.

I don't understand music.

Micheal looked left and right.

She slept late and missed the schoolbus.


This is the first time I've ever grown a beard.

I am from Brazil.

Jaime's dream is to live in the mountains.

Justin pointed to each word as he read it.

Long distance phone calls were expensive at the time.


Jim went out, but Piete stayed home.

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Fish or cut bait.

Women and children first!

Pratapwant is a screenwriter.

The doctor thought the patient's pulse was rather rapid.

He peered at the small print in a newspaper.

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She isn't doing her homework. She's reading a book.

Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.

Micky looks very troubled.

They're only crocodile tears.

I talk fast.

The people were rescued all but one.

My parents don't speak English.

That was an experience.

We need to know more about them.

These are genuine.

It goes from bad to worse.

Seriously, many of them are not readable.

Did you know that George Bush's bush has cooties?


Amarth asked me why I did it.

It no longer makes sense to do this.

The lock is broken.

I have a lot of money in my savings account.

When Dad finds out what you've done, he's going to hit the roof.

Grace got his wish.

Did you check this?

What happens if Kimberly doesn't pass?

Galen carved his own smoking pipe.

It's clear from his actions that he loves her.

I'm coming right now.


Why are you so gloomy?

If it were up to me, I'd have you all exiled.

I thought Clem was your surgeon.

Let me see you drink it.

I assume you're referring to what happened here recently.

Do you think something will happen?

Ravindranath could use some rest.

Don't go near the bulldog. You wouldn't want him to bite you.

I'll try to be more like him.


I ate a hamburger at McDonald's.

I'm practically already grown up.

I do not know that dance.

Nobody else was there.

She never stops reading.

Stu smelled Allen's perfume as soon as he entered the room.

Ram is wearing an expensive-looking pair of boots.

We'll just have to wait.

Girls performed as well as boys on the math test.

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Aimee kept his gun trained on Roy.


Are we really safer?

I feel helpless right now.

There was nothing for it but to obey him.

I'm not even thinking about it.

How many languages should a diplomat know?

Having a universal auxiliary language is something worth fighting for. Likely, however, most Esperantists tend towards pacifism.

Christina chopped down the tree that was in our front yard.

She is among those unaccounted for.

It's nearly closing time.

I'd never come here again.

He is way behind on his rent.


Unfortunately, no one told us.

He lied to me. I cannot trust him any longer.

Doug sang for Ginny.

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Are you all right with this?

I have to be home for dinner.

I want to be a contender.

His stage presence has really improved since last year.

He ate bread with butter.

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He got into the habit of smoking soon after he got a job in the company.

Ramesh isn't always in the office in the morning.

Nobody touched me.

He will be talking with his family at this time tomorrow.

We have to make sure Julia knows what he's supposed to do.

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Regarding humankind...


Did you explain the situation to Jiri?

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Amarth wasn't looking forward to this.

I thought that was great.

They always wake up early, even on Sundays.

The sound of the wind is scary. It feels like the sound of ghosts.

There's something we have to do.

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Aren't you ever going to sleep?

Irfan was partly to blame.

That was a disaster.

I told Stacy I'd send him a letter.

He has a blue coat on.

Kory didn't seem to understand the purpose of the project.

I'd just like to be ignored.

So far, I'm not impressed.

Why would Hazel want to kill Merat?

Can you suggest me a good tavern?

That's why they did it.

My grandfather lived till he was eighty-nine.

Sri didn't yell at us.


I'll do the same.

We need to stop Andrea.

He is a husband for an hour.


He can bear neither moonlight nor darkness.