John is the taller of the two.

I wish that Nici would help Jeanette with her homework.

He put on his glasses and began to read.

I'm better-looking than Mitchell.

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Nobody should be worried.

I'll take you up on that.

I like the friendly atmosphere here.

Don't let go of my hand.

Shadow came back to Boston for a class reunion.

The policeman escorted Marsha out of the room.

It was not until I got home that I missed my watch.

What country are you in these days?

Raise your hand if I read your name.

How did you know I'd follow you here?

This is my grandfather.

Some of them need help.

Should I take the picture with or without flash?

Can I use your dictionary?

We're still checking.

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We have to correct our mistakes.


Even if she got to be 50 years old, she would still be breathtakingly beautiful.

If you have a couple minutes, could you hear me out?

There is a girl in this room.

Val said he was going to Australia.

Let us start our week.

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It's really not very interesting.

What am I supposed to do now?

It was a delightful bit of nonsense.

Your shirts need to be washed.

I think we should go now.

What do you want from me? Are you out to get me or what?

They don't want you there.

I was happy yesterday.

My father traveled all over the world by air.

Stephanie has a very nice car.

We need more information.

"How do you feel?" "Not good at all!"

He never saw Kevyn again.


If it's fun, I will stay.

They're ignoring us.

Tammy became abusive.

You catch on quick.

I asked her to be here.

Marcel likes to party.

To me, he is like a king.

I'm always really polite and courteous and positive. It's in my genes.

Deceive me once, and I will forgive you; deceive me twice, and you're a double-crosser.

We are guinea pigs.

He radiates happiness around wherever he goes.


The rules of evidence are the same as civil.

I walked along the footpath.

You're speaking a little too fast for me. Would you speak a little more slowly?

The sea was warm today.

Kenton was eager to go home.

Gregge was often beaten by his alcoholic father.

Shel has gained a lot of weight recently.

Lievaart cycles to work.

Many stars shine in the sky.


Fat people generally sweat a lot.

Lately I can't seem to be able to stop drawing stoats.

Sanjay knew why Kari wanted to quit her job.

What gift would you like for Christmas?

I've never been late before.

A cat got out from under the car.

We think we've found a way to help you.

They are playing soccer somewhere.

I didn't give anything to them.

Prices have reached a new high.

Do you think maybe Jem didn't know about what Pontus was planning to do?

No one's going to help you.

I already know what it is.


He died last night.


May I be excused now?

I'm perfectly fine.

If you don't know, maybe Jon does.

It was disgusting.

Try to put yourself in his shoes.

She got into trouble because of Manuel.

Were you busy last week?


Don't you always sleep like a log yourself? I can understand your feelings of wanting them to enjoy their meal but don't be in such a rush.

It's almost finished.

The door swung slowly on its creaking hinges.


I know that I won't like it.


I made a lucky guess.

When the police entered the basement, they found Rusty tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth.

Show me an example.

I keep telling Ira to clean his room.

This is a video that Roman sent me.

They wanted to earn money.

I would've talked to Dorothy instead of just ignoring him.

I've been practicing.

Jiri obviously wasn't happy.

How thoughtful of you to have chilled some wine for us.

He doesn't see it that way.


We're done talking about him.

Health is everything to me.

It began to rain in earnest.

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Let's concentrate.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, did it happen? If a man speaks his mind in a forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?

All the girls fancy him.

They bounced up and down.

I'm watching him.


We need to buy some time.

They are eager for peace.

The books are covered in dust.

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I'm going to let Carlo respond.


He was at a loss when to start.


Here comes our teacher, Robert Brown.

This is mine.

It has been raining for two days.

Don't break it.

Last year, Doug had a pretty good job.

We loaded a lot of luggage into the car.

I learned cooking under my sister's tuition.

Though the fact has been denied again and again, the word "edzino", which means "wife" in Esperanto, has its roots in Yiddish.

Where are the other three?

I have to change it.

Tell Ann Novo had nothing to do with this.


I had a raincoat on so I didn't get so wet.

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It is not mine to foretell the future.


I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat.

Takeo is quite a good fellow in his way.

Are you guys crying?


I read fifty pages further.


Gale was really drunk.

"Good enough" is not good enough for me.

Are you going out in those clothes? How uncool!

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Lex hasn't been taking his medication.

This song was written by Chris.

Alexis seems sweet.


I'm sure Fay will like the gift you got him.


He devoted a lot of time to study.


You are so stupid.

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Love demands pain.

You're my inspiration.

Sooner or later, Ronni will drive me mad.


I wonder what it tastes like.


Joachim has known Juliet since she was born.

I didn't think Marco would want to go with us.

My last husband was really stupid.

Is there anything else you want to tell me?

Bonnie's the real expert.


How in the world do you expect me to pay this?

Due to Triton's retrograde orbit, its density, and its composition, astronomers theorize that Triton was not originally a satellite of Neptune, but was captured by Neptune's gravitational pull, forcing it into an orbit around the planet.

The old woman was nearly run over.


I'm going to be all right.

Markus is very good at belly dancing.

After all that, the pain went away.


A smile is the same in every language.

There's nothing you can do to help her.

How much time does it take?

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These cities have similar traffic rules.

This carpet is big enough to cover the whole floor.

I still love it.

Did you tell Shankar we're going to Boston?

She's at home taking care of the kids.


You despise Joshua, don't you?

I am positive that he is wrong.

I'm not forgetful.


The boy attempted an escape, but failed.

It was well after midnight when Cole got home.

It's nothing to get upset about.

The ships reached port.

Is it hard to be vegan?