What color are the tiles?

The children tried to imitate their teacher.

Have you asked Deb if he'll be there?


He went to see the captain, but he wasn't allowed to speak to him.


He named his puppy Pooch.


Jane can sing some Japanese songs.

He didn't believe Ben's words.

I got up early yesterday.

Come closer to the fire if you're cold.

A patent right is an important property.


Let me write down the directions for you.


No one noticed the bear's appearance.

She was panting.

Since Siegurd was sick, he couldn't go swimming.

I don't know whether to be happy or not.

We can all sleep well now.


Gregory needs a raise.

Sergeant is very friendly to us.

Henry and Lenora are at the bar drinking.


How long ago did Anatole move to Boston?

She had azure hair and a face white as wax. Her eyes were closed and her hands crossed on her breast.

Mr Smith takes a good deal of exercise before breakfast.

Despite the fact that I'm worn out, I can't fall asleep.

The UN has made November 20 Universal Children's Day. On this date, we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. In Brazil, Children's Day is October 12.

He exaggerates the harm done.

More guests have come than the hall can hold.


I can't be bothered to argue with you anymore.

Kristian has apparently not yet paid his rent.

Make sure you get plenty of rest.


Well, that's not going to happen.

I would react very badly.

Pablo is a single mother.

Can you please let me know the most suitable person in INF Co., Ltd?

Maybe that's part of the problem.


I read on the news that renewable energies are making good progress.

You've wasted enough of my time.

"You don't really love me at all. You only care about your math stuff!" "Not at all, I do love you!" "Prove it!" "Okay. Let A be the set of the objects I love..."

She's obsessed.

Why didn't you bring your hat today?

If I had money, I would travel around the world.

Enough is as good as a feast.

She put on her coat and went out.

Randal said he's had enough of that.

The number of guests is 20.

Gill gave Mayo a pipe for his birthday.

The Cabinet is meeting today to discuss the crisis.

It's very difficult to know yourself.

Gideon sought to join the Ku Klux Klan.

She accompanied her mother as she bought shoes.

You'd better make sure that it is true.

Whomever she invites, she is kind.

Let me try it again.

Nancy knows better than to marry Jack.

I see no reason to change our plans.

Vladimir's serious.

Has the doctor examined you yet?

I'm fine and I'm not sick.


Just settle down.

My mother objected to my traveling alone.

I know Suresh made you suffer.

I don't remember much of anything.

There's another reason, isn't there? Well, how did I do? I bet I hit the mark.

What you say is neither here nor there.

I know every inch of New York.

Have you thought about what I said?

He was playing tennis all day.

Treat them with respect.

If we do that, everything's going to be all right.

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Ro might be getting the ax.

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Andy needed attention.

I didn't even think Panacea liked Ariel.

That depends, but usually about three times a week.

Is that the truth, Alexis?

I like to praise Rodent.

Curtis said he could help Walter.

Ricky went to work early.

I'm not creative.

Music is the soul of language.

Trying is scheduled to stay with us until next Monday.

Betsy heard Cristopher.

Art was afraid he'd be late.

I had no idea that was going to happen.

How did you figure out this problem?

I'm not worried about that.

So what do we do if Stewart shows up?

We had a whale of a time at the beach.

Rand didn't listen.

I intend to destroy everything.


I have lived here a little over 60 years.

Strange things have happened around here.

Hughes said he went swimming yesterday.

Everybody calls me Nigel.

I'd like to have another cup of coffee.

Money is of great importance in political circles.

Both of my parents are dead.

I had no idea you knew him.

Don't reckon that he'd lend you some money.

She is wearing accessories.

It goes without saying that health is most important.

We talked about what we could do.

You feel not obligated to be friendly.

Wade dozed off in class.

I told her not to do this.

Where will the concert be held?

At first, I was puzzled by all these strange fruits, and by the strange flowers I saw.

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He enjoys horseback riding.

Were you in the military?

That guy is a party pooper.


Sanford is unhappy about it.


Dozens of young people attended the demonstration.

Kory was chosen captain.

This is an easy route.


Myron knows what would happen if he doesn't stay.


Green water is not good to drink.


Charley put fifty dollars on an odds-on favourite.

I'm going to do that first thing tomorrow.

I was running.

I've had a nasal voice for two weeks.

Let's give it a whirl.


I quench my thirst with a cold glass of water.

Liisa has gone completely off the rails since she started life on her own.

Dear mother, why art thou so sad?

Orangutans have been observed using sticks to pry nutritious seeds from prickly.

The boy almost drowned.

Why would Reiner care?

Clare is staying with his relatives in Boston for the next three weeks.

Look what we have here.

Jerry took some money out of his pocket and put it on the table.


I wish we didn't have so many problems.

It's a lot worse than that.

Rajarshi is really confused.

You make me sick, Roxie.

We can do all of that.


We needed to add information about our products.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

I am looking for my brother.


We'll be experiencing an Indian summer for the next few days, but after that, it'll be getting cold again.

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His health ebbed slowly away.

Believe me when I tell you that I don't love you.

Get to it, Kaj.

That's not quite what I wanted.

I only asked if I could borrow the book.


John has the complete collection of Sam's music.

Her tears gave more credence to the story.

Robert broke off in the middle of his phone call.

This is my camera.

I can always get more.


I'll meet you here tomorrow at 2:30.

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Don't fall off your chair.

That's what they want you to believe.

She hasn't come here yet. I am afraid she may have lost her way.


This rule applies to you as well.


Do you remember the question?

I don't know any more about him. I know him, but only to say hello to.

We should celebrate Halloween together.

I'll love you for the rest of my days.

The supervisor bought a really powerful machine.


Didn't you hear that?

A man can receive only what is given to him from heaven.

I have to find it.

He lives, relying only on his own strength.

It is all delicious!

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I have some friends to help.

You're my heroine.

Andrea was disfigured.

Several times this year, the stock market has dipped more than 1% in a single day.

My job pays fairly well.