I’ve been part of Carluccio’s almost from the start, and i love the way it grows, evolves and gets better every year.

Carluccio’s may be growing fast, but we’re still a family. And, like any Italian family, we’re noisy about food: we taste it, try it and argue about it till it’s just right. I’m just as noisy about our people, and am really proud of the amazing things they achieve given the right support, encouragement and training.

That’s why we focus on delivering great training for everyone at Carluccio’s. We take our people olive picking in Italy, wine tasting in Puglia and risotto making in Veneto, and have invested in a unique Training Academy for our chefs, delivering more than 50 courses a month in a bespoke training kitchen and working with Westminster Kingsway College to develop our Sous Chefs (where you’ll sometimes find me in my chef’s whites). So if you think you have the potential & talent and want to be part of something fantastic, why not join us? I look forward to hearing from you.

HR & Training Director