Such was his courage that he feared no danger.

Hopefully he doesn't grow up to be a maniac like the rest of his family.

I told you nothing else but the clear truth.

The old man was run over by a car.


Oh, what a pity.

Lievaart didn't light any candles in her room.

You should come to the chat room.

Everyone's asleep.

Miltos says he understands how Jarl feels.

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It's really tough.

This hallway keeps narrowing as I go farther and farther in.

Did they buy it?

Billy will be busy most of the afternoon.

You're kidding me, right? That can't be true.

You might be able to trade your truck for a tractor.

The rumor worked to his disadvantage.

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I've learned a great deal about Rusty.

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She only listens to indie music.

It's hard for me to sleep as there's so much noise.

You can't swim well, can you?

He found them on his own head.

I know what you're talking about.


The rate of increase in households is higher for apartment houses than for individual houses.

It's not always like that.

There has to be an explanation.


Jenine flipped off the lights.

Was there much damage?

Don't cut your classes so often.


Bite your tongue.

My wife didn't come with me.

For nothing is so beautiful but that it betrays some defect on close inspection.


I thought you were mad at him.

A public opinion study was made in 1937.

I'm sorry for shouting at you.

Manavendra is on the roof.

Old birds are not caught with chaff.


I think your work is all right.


My hat is bigger than Jim's.

The clown at the circus pleased my children.

You haven't changed one bit.


I forgot to bring an umbrella with me.

Cristopher realized he'd forgotten to pay, so he walked back into the restaurant.

Now you're accusing me of murder.

You told me it was an emergency.

Aren't you supposed to be gone by now?

I am a very good chess player.

I will also go to settle this matter.

I love the way you sing.

Please write down the numbers using cyphers.

We couldn't understand what the baby was trying to say.

I've just finished doing my French homework.

I think she will succeed.

Words cut more than swords.


Are you going in?

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Do you see that man? He's my husband.

Julian wants to stop Roberta.

I do hope that it won't rain tomorrow.

You sound like him.

I dropped out of school when I was in the 7th grade.

We really need to win.

An empty head is the devil's workshop.


What did you tell her about me?

We got divorced three years ago.

I need to find out.

Alice hung her head in shame.

Felicja likes to watch TV.

Then he got dressed, stuffed his lecture notes into his briefcase, and ran down the stairs.

The job is interesting, and then again, the pay is good.

You have to put up with all these noises.

Let him answer.


I can wait a few hours.


I run quickly.


I'd like to report a theft.

If you want to see a UFO, keep watching the skies.

She told the joke with a straight face.

He did it at his own risk.

I don't drink all that much beer.

Show us the straight path.

He spoke to whomever he met.

Jesus welcomes you.

We have another decision to make.

You didn't want to be there, did you?

It was there.

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I can't tell him now. It's not that simple.

The island was struck by the typhoon.

I'd really rather not do that.

I have a large collection of stamps.

He studied to be a doctor.

Fay isn't still hungry, is he?

I never even saw her.

They came to the place that was revealed to him by God, and he there erected an altar in the ancient manner, and the wood was arranged just as he wanted to have it happen for his son's burning after he slayed him.

It never occurred to me that someone would make up such a thing.

These are real.

I had no idea that you were coming.

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I'm just here to say hi to him.

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I don't go to the movies as often as I'd like.

Where did you procure the information?

The government should invest more money in industry.


I can afford to be generous.


How much time will she spend at Pierre's?

Whose camera is this?

I'm pretty sure we've got enough petrol to get us home.

Lewis might be allergic to peanuts.

He bent over to see insects in the flowerbed.

Everything here tastes of seafood.

One must help friends in times of such need.

Can't we stop fighting now?

There is a large house on the hill.

I could not but laugh at the joke.

That was a heartwarming story.


It looks like you've found what you were looking for.


The teacher sits on the chair.


Bjorne is extremely grumpy.


Why not just say no to them?


Have you been having problems with Sjouke?

It seems that she is keeping that secret.

One of the main characters of the webcomic El Goonish Shive, and arguably the most adorable of them, is a weresquirrel (among other things).

Prices went up.

Griff laughed at Cris's idea.

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Have you ever considered majoring in economics at college?

I keep science for Life.

I'm having dinner with Kent this evening.

How did Judge manage to get away?

Jisheng never thought that Cindy would commit suicide.

You must wait for the next bus.

I have recovered from my bad cold.


I didn't say I was going.

Did you make it by yourself?

I was obligated to do something.


The addition of salt greatly improved the flavor.

I contacted Kee yesterday afternoon.

Linley asked me why I did it.

The evening meal is served between 9 and 12.

I'm a really glad this thing turned out OK.

I didn't want that job.

I've never said that!

My hand is in warm water.

I want Sunil.

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Stop making such a fuss!


That's what the law says.

Nikolai and Devon named their third son John.

Dory promised us he'd help Walter.

He's completing your order.

I should have told you everything earlier.


Don't interfere in others' affairs.

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I have to pay them back.

I'm not a hipster.

How am I supposed to know where she's hiding her money?

Are you winning?

Hard work never hurt anybody.

Lisa wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.

I am the Talking Cricket and I have been living in this room for more than one hundred years.

I don't think I've ever done anything that would cause my parents to want to punish me.

Her hair was so long that it reached the floor.


Do you want to go first?


Mr Sato speaks English well.

Srinivas and John were in the army together.

That's not a bad idea.

He went to New York on business.

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from school.


I understand Reiner was here yesterday.


Vince is not happy to be here.