Don't worry. I'll talk to her.

I think she's 40 years old.


French are better gardeners than Germans: they have green hands whereas their neighbours only have green thumbs.

Don't bother taking an umbrella with you.

Dieter is in fantastic shape.

You may impress me, but you'll never impress Sheila.

As usual, Mike turned up on time. He's very punctual.

There were no problems.

She refused my offer to help her.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

My professor sneers at science books for the general public.

What was served at the party?

"I'm sorry." "No, you're not."

Suits in both stripes and solids can be found at most fine suit stores.

You're a good actress.

Dan insisted on taking a lie detector test.

Price felt tired after working all day.

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We're counting on you.


There are a lot of bridges in this city.


You must be hungry after school is over.

It was sweltering inside.

All she got for her pains was ingratitude.

She covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her hand.

Don't give Oleg any ideas.

It's time to make up your mind.

Everybody is looking for Chuck.

Roland agreed to meet Phil.

This film is worth seeing many times.

I'm not delusional.

Flight attendants, prepare for landing.


Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.

It was all there.

Dominick's listening.

I want a new dog.

Novorolsky hasn't smoked since he was old enough to legally smoke.

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I didn't go, but stayed at home.


I found out where Pedro's airplane crashed.

Turpan is indeed very hot. Even the government is unable to control the temperature.

I laughed so hard that I cried.


Your parents are not to blame for such a result.


That's what we talked about.

A woman has escaped injury after her car was engulfed in flames.

I eat a book.

Only they know what they are saying.

Would you mind if I borrowed this?

He sent fruit and vegetables to his daughter.

There was another guy with Darin.

I know Vice isn't very happy here.

Rob's parents are older than mine.

How many times have I told you not to bring people over without asking for my permission first?

Let's get something cold to drink.

How can you justify your rude behavior?

Do you want to become a father?

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It's true that it would be easier for students if there were only one a single Spanish dialect, but that's quite far from being the case.

Clyde didn't know that Arthur was going to be late.

I saw Josip doing it.

Whoever comes will be welcomed.

Donna gave me several books.

I can't stay here any longer.

What did Malcolm X say?

His policies were too progressive.

I talked to Venkata about our plans.

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One does not refuse such an offer.

He betrayed my confidence in him.

Though I went to see her all the way in the rain, she was out.

Your ex is a psychopath.

One of the people you were with is a friend of mine.


He's got a point.

God created all men equal but men think it differently.

I can ride a bicycle.


We have the same problems as you.

I often eat here.

Let's listen to some music.


Can you sing any American folk songs?

Ping has done a lot more for me than you have.

Will it start snowing at noon or later?

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There is no end to his complaining.


You need to be there.


She said that she had met him three months before.

If it were not for the snow, we could climb the mountain.

I was ready too.

One morning he saw a pretty girl.

I don't really know what was going on.


Why do we have to pay taxes?

My sister is a teacher.

I am poor, whereas my brothers are very rich.

I'm anxious to meet her.

Charley doesn't have to convince me of that.


This bike is easy to ride.

She earned it.

We have to pay taxes by March 15.


Mr. Johnson isn't in his house now.


You may do so.


It was a nice day so we went fishing.

Sherman was like me.

That would be very good.

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After being told, "Please, sit down," I sit in the chair.

I'm engaged.

Don't feed the animals.

We delayed the meeting for a week.

Listen, I need your help.

Next month it'll be five years since he began playing the violin.

Fred made fun of Sally's accent.


But now I know your view on this matter a bit better and I'll try to understand it.

I'm a civilian.

Rome is a city worth visiting.

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You're not going to like what I'm about to say.

I would like a room.

You can trust us.

Please let me go and see Walter.

I don't want to live with you.

I wonder why they didn't make Honzo do what he was supposed to do.

I know you aren't responsible for this problem.

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This is a well-written book.


Are we really safer?

He's a con artist.

Eileen is at the end of his rope.

Most people were satisfied.

Plastic is in the bath.

Have you tried using a dating website?

Knut can't be fired.

We eat bread and butter for lunch.

Go somewhere else.

She puts on a lot of lipstick when applying make up.

I gave her a doll in return.

She prefers blood oranges.

Everybody seemed to be paying attention.

He has ample experience.

Which do you prefer, apples or bananas?


We still have one more place to go.

Don't try to force it.

He must strive to find a solution.


It's going to be good.


Fritz hates the sound of wind chimes.

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I was definitely surprised.


You're going to break it if you're not careful.

I'm forty years old.

We'll be moving to Boston next year.

He was then fresh from college.

Dan stated that he was a cop.


Ripe papaya smells like vomit.

A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.

I really am very busy, Rod.

What's for dinner?

Caroline didn't provide any details.

That feel when no boyfriend.

It is as hot a day as yesterday.

You're disgusting.

The pain doesn't last very long.


Everyone knows what happened next.

We've seen worse.

Do you have an anger management problem?


I'm eighty-three years old.

That's the problem, I think.

Tell Gregg I only need three more hours.


I won't leave without Bea.

Jagath may come tomorrow morning.

She liked that.

That's his business.

Only a few students understood the matter.

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She finished her homework in an hour.

When the telephone was invented, how useful was it? Well, no one else had one, so not much at all! Like the phone, as more people learn Esperanto, it becomes more useful.

You should not have gone to such a dangerous place.