She's adorable.

Rodent is trying very hard to quit smoking.

Please tell me why you don't eat meat.

I am hungry!

Take me to him.

I told you we'd meet again.

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You will be shocked to hear this.


Why did you get up so early?


She went out without saying goodbye.

The police found drugs in Jan's house.

You're scaring her.

She said that it was important.

She thought carefully before selecting the works she would place in the portfolio that she was submitting with her application to art school.

In the United States, fluoride is added to the drinking water.

Though he is old, he is very healthy.

The baby was soiled bib.

A shot rang out.

The Mexican government had grown even weaker.

Have you had your eyesight checked recently?

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Did you ever call her?

What would we have to offer Per?

I disagree, it's not racist to use the word "race."


I need palliative care.

This was, of course, a lie.

I only had a piece of toast and a cup of coffee this morning.

I wouldn't say it that way.

The textile factory's windows are fitted with iron bars so when a fire broke out inside the factory, most of the workers died.

The lovers kissed.

I could go there now.

I did it again, didn't I?

Margaret accused me of having stolen his watch.

A nearby town even considered becoming part of the neighboring state. They really just wanted lower taxes.

The door wasn't closed.

The water pipes froze and then burst.

Kenneth could've said something.

I need to find her now!

As far as the eye can reach, nothing is to be seen but sand.

You'll never get him to agree.

Carter is very busy now, isn't he?


"No, no! That isn't the smiling face we are looking for." It was a 'smirk' either that or a 'sneer'.

Howard once ate at an cheap restaurant and got food poisoning, so now he is very careful about where he eats.

The eating of delicious food is one of the most intense and poignant pleasures of life.

I don't trust you.

Leslie's doctor suggested that he cut down on sugar.

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Fighting with your friends can really hurt your feelings.

Matthew has a high opinion of Daniel.

Form two lines.

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Is Dick partly to blame?

Maybe it would help if I talked to Johann.

Pilar always blames somebody else for his mistakes.

Collin buried himself under his blanket and went to sleep.

Sjouke must be bored half to death.

I've been on a diet for four months, but my midriff bulge hasn't budged.

What time does the bank open?

I think it's horrible.

The vampire was shot with a silver bullet.

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I met Dannie in the library on Monday.

My boss refused my request for a raise.

Throw the ball to him.

Promise me you won't give Sonja my phone number.

Jane affirmed that she was telling the truth.

Gabriel said that he wanted to forget him.

We have homework.


Were you going to the railway station when I saw you?


He spoke very well.

Peter is the perfect guy for Lucius.

They're happy.

Cary hasn't made much progress yet.

She'll be late for the meeting.

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She displayed excellent behavior.


Do you have a rough idea of how long it will take?

I'll let Bud tell you.

I like being independent.

Have you betrayed me?

Presumably, Malus watered the flowers while we were away.

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Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel left out.


I'd feel better if Spass knew about this.

Are you aware that you're being a nuisance?

He seems to be oppressed by his monotonous daily life.


Radek sometimes sings in French.

Marcos is engaged to Sal's younger sister.

Where did you get that hat?

Charlene worked for Saify for a long time.

All of my kids went to Boston to visit my parents.


We didn't plan this.


Joni is now looking for a bigger house to live in.

Leave him alone for a minute.

Could you hold on for just a second?

Love will survive.

You need to get out of here before someone sees you.

They needed money.

Her voice sounds very beautiful.

Having crossed all the oceans of the world, he drowned himself in a glass of water.

This camera is Stan's.


We used to be good friends.

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Get out of here.


I thought Juri would want to take a look.


Art is a serious thing.


Are anal fissures curable?


This shirt doesn't fit anymore.


I stood under a tree to avoid getting wet.

Just tell me how much money you need and I'll lend it to you.

We can talk in front of them.

A Mr. Itoh wants to see you.

National welfare is the end of politics.

I haven't seen her in three months.

They need answers.


Brender might like to go with you.

I can't believe you thought I was cheating.

Straka decided it was time to go to sleep.

Our constitution was drawn up under American guidance.

Her son died of cancer when still a boy.

Jones punched John in the face then left the room.

I think that my German is really bad.

We took turns with the driving.

I am shattered.

You're beautiful in every way.

She liked talking about herself.

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We've come by the highway.

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The doctor says stimulus is needed for appetite.

You often change your passwords.

Vick volunteered.

Rajesh rents rooms to students.

The fourth month is called April.


We're having guests tomorrow night.

It was not until she finished reading the book that she noticed who had written it.

I've left him three messages.

I felt the richer for having read the book.

Jianyun stopped immediately.

What kind of places would you like to see?

I promise I won't tell anyone who you are.


She lost it.


The teacher's name is Mr. Jackson.

I'm sorry to disturb you while you're talking.

They are all the same.


I am feeling sad about it.


Who was that you were just talking to?

She may not be at home now.

I need to check on Jaime.

Your insight is poor and your judgment is impaired.

I could not help laughing when I saw him.

I felt pressure on my shoulder and turned around.

Lee bets on horses.

I've let you down.

He is acquisitive of knowledge.

I asked Sumitro not to interfere.

He knows the situation well enough.


You ought not to act selfishly.

The room was empty for quite a while.

He voluntarily helped his mum clean.

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Jennie emptied the waste basket.

What's the matter, Cliff? Are you crying?

He was a god to his people.

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Alastair spoke gently.

His jokes are always flat.

The defendant's innocence could not be verified.

A student from America lives near my house.

Izumi had a lot of friends and was very talented.

His sharp words seemed to hurt her.

Send it to human resources and to the head of finance.

Would somebody look after them?

We can't just ignore that.


Kim is living with Ken.