The bride and groom kissed when the ceremony ended.

Taking everything into consideration, he bought the car.

It might be risky.

I want to see that happen.

We're afraid we'll miss our train.

I am older than any other student in my class is.

Let a porter carry your baggage.

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I'm proud of you all.

Malcolm almost always falls to sleep at night hugging his teddy bear.

There are only two kind of people in the world.

Please eat. You're hungry, aren't you?

She is the chosen one.

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There was an awkward silence when he appeared.

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Where are your red meats?


I couldn't spot Sri.


The houses and cars looked tiny from the sky.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

Can I count on you for that?

Just tell me which room Nick is in.

You'll just have to wait.

I'm going to make Jonathan wish he'd never been born.

I studied my part in the play.


Is there an inexpensive hotel somewhere around here?

Are you thinking about me?

Nobody knows how I feel.

I hope you have a happy future ahead of you.

I get on well with him.


They're both personally convinced of that.


John couldn't play the guitar.

I want some coffee badly.

She has gone over to the other side.

Rebecca was wearing a bulletproof vest, so the bullet didn't kill him.

He says the room will be ready in twenty minutes, but I doubt it.

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Dustin copies dirty example sentences he finds in his dictionary into his notebook and memorizes them.

It felt very good.

You observe me.

They have no reason to be angry.

I think we got it.

I like wild flowers.

She damaged a machine.

I know a good store that's cheap.

Your husband's dead and sends his love.

He lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

I never blamed you.

Where's the door?

Leora made it quite clear what he needed.

If you do that, I'll call the police.

I ate an apple.

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You live near the dike.

What's eating you now?

We shouldn't tell Jitendra anything.

Erik took his daughter to school.

I don't have anything else planned for today.


I'm kind of disappointed.

He pressured me.

No one is caring for this patient.

This tree is over 1,500 years old.

Is this a gift for me?

We must continue our attack.

She managed to back up through the narrow driveway.

That was the most interesting film that we had ever seen.

I don't even know how to dance.


I actually haven't been to Boston yet.

It started as a joke that got out of hand.

They kissed inside the planetarium.


Liber was a slow learner when he was a child, and attended a special school.


Let's start a band.


What is the height of Mt. Everest?

Soon nobody will have anything to do with you.

Derek did that on his own.

My feet are smaller than yours.

Deaf-mute people can use sign language to communicate.

He works even late at night.

Ozan's way of talking gets on my nerves.


I used to go fishing quite often, but now I rarely go.

If you want freedom, you'll have to face your parents.

Mr. Smith thinks that he's a big shot.

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However, Beth seems to be indifferent to Chris's grief.

He promised me to come here.

We've been looking.

What kind of tree is an oak?

Torsten locked himself in his bedroom.


I keep dreaming about him.


It's just the way I am.

We still have an old tube television.

You must think I came down in the last shower to expect me to believe that.

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My father has a heart of gold.

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I don't think we'd have any chance of winning.


Edith is actually a good singer.


What have you done with Jeffrey?

It happened before I met him.

Mosur is a very lazy person.

I watched them carefully.

It would've been great if you could've been here for my birthday party.

I need you to sign these papers.

Did you find the book you were looking for?


The attack killed several hundred people.

Why's the engine still running?

You have hung up the laundry.

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I'll get us some coffee.

I wanted to buy the book, but I found I had no more than 200 yen with me.

Something bad's going to happen.

He went to Brazil and stayed there.

This extension cord is too short.

They set the prisoner at liberty.

Everybody tells themselves that.


Now things have changed.

Let's count heads before we leave.

Would you like to go get something to eat?

The letter Barton received said that he should return home as soon as possible.

This is surprising, but the Russian abbreviation "VSEGEI", which can be literally translated as "All Gays", means just "All-Russian Geological Institute."

Connie is a likable person.

We have seats in the gallery.

Our supplies won't last for ever.

They're not real.

You don't need to know all the details.

I plan to do the same thing you do.

Please don't call him again.

He is delightful.

How long did Shahid say he'd be in Boston?

When Liisa sees that you've broken the cup, you'll catch it.


I know how proud you are of your children.

Junior, why don't we go into a group together?

Stephan's quite good.


To decide means to succumb to the preponderance of one set of influences over another set.

Let me see what it looks like.

Lisa rarely comes home so early.


We can't tell which is better.

The policeman has done very well.

Everybody at school hates me.

Not all of us are against his idea.

That doesn't matter now.


Do I need another reason?

Sriram passed the exam with flying colors.

I have to leave school.

Where were the police?

She suggested that I should clean the bathroom.

That sounds very risky.

I still want to marry her.


Graham said he didn't like beer.


Do you want to play shogi?

Legitimate software applications from leading vendors are carrying an additional unwanted load. Together with their application, some of them change various browser settings as if your browser is theirs. Did you know that AVG, ICQ, Jookz, Babylon, ZoneAlarm, Incredimail just to name a few, tweak your homepage, default search and other settings?

Izzy usually stays up late at night.

He cast a stone into the pond.

Stephan had a very long day.

I thought it was a fluke.

I'm afraid something's come up.


I need to be more careful.

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You know why.

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Does it have to be today?

Clarence sat down on a bench.

I wish Jeannie were here with me now.


He became a meme.

There are few sounds in this world more beautiful than a baby's laugh.

We know who she is.


What does the company produce?

I'm waiting for the trolley.

I have to change clothes.

He read to his heart's content.

Get rid of such stupid ideas!

Emily handed Clare a drink.

Shawn would like to see your new guitar.