This is one of the signs of weakness and the impending doom of imperialism.

Why don't you just say you don't want to do what they're asking you to do?


Kenn was a late bloomer.


She wanted to hurry home.


I later found out that he was gay.

Happy the man who finds wisdom and gains insight.

The natives have to defend their land against invaders.


You have to be very quiet.

Vince wanted to tell Derek where he hid the gold coins, but John told him not to.

Calamity Jane lived in California.

Tell Francis what Jones did to you.

Did you hire them?

I know that you're upset right now.

I sat up all last night reading a novel.

All great writers have their own personal styles.

May I suggest another approach?


I will not wait forever.

Max doesn't have what it takes to be a teacher.

My daughter's your age.


I tried to do all I could.

I am not sure.

Do you think something's happened to Tyler?

It's a fable.

Jerusalem is a city of tunnels and underpasses.

The main advantage our company is professionalism.

Brian didn't know what to do.

Rainer should've been court-martialed.

You always tell it straight...but who needs your truth?

The wind blew all day.

Can attack a human if cornered.

I think you'll regret it if you drop out of school.

That was the last time I saw him.

I could fix that easily.

I work at a language school.

The trip will take at least eight hours.

I think that she is from Japan.


I thought Vince wouldn't want to go with us.

I'll meet Dustin some other time.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

News of the crash spread all over the country.

That hotel will cost you much more during peak season than off-season.

I love my children.

They just reported on the news that a vicious murderer is lying in wait at night for elderly women in the streets of London.

I thought I had until 2:30.

Subra had an asthma attack.

Would you mail this letter for me on your way to school?

Wake the kids.

I'm going to Elric's office.

Tait found a Roman coin.

Let me give you a little advice.

Do you really want to learn another language?

I'm just glad I got it done on time.

We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

She made a great discovery while yet a young student.

A nice book would be better!

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He is afraid of making mistakes.

It is important to remember who your friends are.

Claire may not be studying French anymore.


My grandfather founded and my parents developed this company.

My wife doesn't cook.

Can you give me an example?

I need to set my watch to two minutes faster.

Why are you in your pajamas?

The customers are complaining about the service.

You're very patient.


I told them we were friends.


Can you recognise the person in this picture?

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How many people do you think die from cancer every year?


The London air was, at best, not much to boast about.

He's a man.

The weather was great just a moment ago. How is it suddenly raining now?


What did you tell him about me?


I'm too ashamed.


Andries needs some advice.

I haven't been back to Boston since I graduated from high school.

You've already convinced me.

Gunter opposed her son's decision to get married.

Our house has scaffolding around it this week, due to renovations.

This dictionary, of which the third volume is missing, cost me a hundred dollars.

He was driving a car along the street.


He does a kind act once a day.


Many have suffered oppression and misery for a long period of time under the rule of colonialism.

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Do you have any proof?


Emmett picked this tie out for me.

When did you ever go out with Rathnakumar?

Shutoku didn't ask Louie to do anything.

Something was wrong.

Jennie has more money than brains.

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I don't want Ramsey to get the wrong impression.

I find just the memory of his overly polite patronizing manner really offensive.

Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship was one of the most violent of the century.


The piano in Teresa's house is out of tune.

How did you get here?

Jong put the bowl into the microwave.

He bought many books at the bookstore.

I would probably have done the same thing.

Edwin needed a good job.

I often go fishing with them.


We are not Americans.


I don't add sentences in Japanese.


Why do you want this job?

I want to talk with Alex.

She always believes me.

They found him.

I really got depressed.

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I've had an extraordinary day.

People are too lazy to look it up themselves in a dictionary.

Taiwanese food is milder than Indian food.

He wrote the letter with a fountain pen.

Mason used to sing that song with his band.

He was puzzled at the question.

I can meet you at the bus station.


I was completely in love with him.

Liza was uncommonly good at remembering customers' orders, which, sadly, kept her out of any managerial positions.

She hid her ugly face.

I don't want to wait.

Patricio and Srikanth both have ponytails.

Every time I see Holly, he's wearing sunglasses.

How long does it take on foot?

You will soon get used to the climate here.

I am excited about our new Turkish course.

When will we get to Boston?

My tomcat has a sunburn.


They put on makeup every morning.

In Maribor one can find a rather old vineyard.

She just laughed the matter off.


We've made way too many errors.

He failed by playing all the time.

Now that school is over, you can go home.

Those who possess nothing lose nothing.

Your face is red. Are you okay? Perhaps you have a fever?

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I'm dying to play this game.

Herman would know what to do.

The exercise took years off me.

She's on her way to Thailand.

Did you see them go aboard?


I knew them better than you did.


Night cramps in the calf muscles are particularly painful.


I'm very glad to meet you.

She arrived with a group at a dance competition.

They tried.


Josip asked us to be quiet.

I spent my holiday in Israel.

What kind of meat do you eat the most often?

Is this your new friend?

I hope it's true.

What's changed since then?

The president governs for four years.


Hey, what's the deal?

Geoffrey owes us a favor.

I slept soundly.

Jacob's son is getting married.

If, between pride and love, one chooses pride, can it then have been love?


You will soon get used to the climate here.

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He never makes a plan without putting it into practice.

Welcome to the Tatoeba Project website.

Tollefsen asked Shamim to come to Boston.


We're worried about Grandma and Grandpa.

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Rodent is doing great in school.


James came too early because of a misunderstanding.