I told Tad that I was way too busy.

Thanks for inviting me.

Elric denied those allegations.

My parents want me to come home.

Our school is in a good neighbourhood.

Do you take part in any community activities?

I'm not home yet because I didn't take the bus.

You can borrow a copy from any public library.

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Why do you see within?

Do you like pretzels?

Honestly, I would think driving there daily is better than moving.

Sumitro recently hired three more workers.

I will come.

Spyros went downtown.

It certainly has been fun.

What are you going to do this weekend?

This is a popular artist.

None of us had any idea what was going to happen.

A shot rang out and the bird fell from the sky.


I hope you're not too uncomfortable.

Skeeter is naked.

There was no point in additionally burdening her with this painful news.


How are we going to fix that?


Do you really have to tell them?


I'm not swallowing that.

You can name your price.

Deborah died of stomach cancer.


If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

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It doesn't look good.

This isn't everyone's cup of tea.

As happiness doesn't exist, we shall try to be happy without it!

I had no work yesterday.

What kind of gifts did you get?


I've been waiting for one and a half-hours.

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She's gonna kill me.

I am working at Alibaba.

Jane spent a very flat weekend.


The star of the show was Lloyd.

Ram claimed that he didn't see anything.

What could it all mean?

Soohong is a little like his father.

He always listens to the news on the radio.

Suzan kept working even though he was very tired.

Vic is very spontaneous, isn't he?


I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.


Most of the passengers weren't wearing life jackets.

You seem to have gained some weight.

The goal is still some distance away.


I cannot show my teeth. They are in a bad state.

Oleg wants to become a vet because she loves animals.

I knew she would be the winner.

It was a slip of the tongue.

Juliet asked Mario to show him some of her artwork.


That cat doesn't like that dog.

We treated him in the politest manner possible.

There's nothing wrong with Victoria.

This garden is open to the public.

The structural formula for water is H-O-H.


The new school year begins in April in Japan.

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It's a doll.

He is quite a clever man.

I connect to the Internet almost every day.

Pantelis doesn't like chess.

Ranjit pulled out his notebook and pencil.


Bud asked Jay how she was doing.


Gretchen is returning home.


Norbert shot Andries with a pistol.

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Josh is a heavy tea drinker.

I didn't kiss him. He kissed me.

I'm pretty sure Moore knows French.

Never be a conformist.

Laughing really is good for you.

It was very distressing.

You must remember the fact that you owe her a lot.

Huey enjoyed looking at the paintings hanging on Stewart's wall.

I think they're wrong.


Roderick told me he was going to be on the road until next Monday.

Leave my stuff alone.

We talked about this yesterday.

You're arrogant.

Clarence was too afraid to do anything.

I tend not to get sick.

They marched quickly toward the capital.

I spread the cheese on the bread.

I'd help you if I could.

Claire didn't get along with the other students.

Hsuan was looking green around the gills after eating something at Kristin's party that didn't agree with him.


I often help my brother with his homework.

Maurice's a creature of habit, and does pretty much the same things every day.

The light hit Nichael's eyes.

I laughed my head off!

She was my best female friend.

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If the harvest gets any worse, there could be a famine.

For such petty selfish motives, I shall never pray.

Everett reached under his bed to get his slippers.

They were young.

She loved him and he loved her.

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Would it kill you to visit me once in a while?


This camera is dutiable.

I had an awful night.

I think that they will be late.

Brodie and Craig are both helicopter pilots.

I'm having fun watching the children playing.


Where is Sevilla in Italy?

I thought Suresh would eventually realize Laura didn't like him.

Gilles persuaded Phillip to study French with him.

I don't really care.

Syd asked the wrong questions.

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I know tons of jokes.

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You recognize her, don't you?

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I love that film.

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The man in that car is Eddie Jackson.


You need to go change into something more appropriate.

You need to take this medicine three times a day.

Why are you able to explain things so well?

We're confident that you are up to the challenge of the new position.

I haven't spoken to Geoff in a while.

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We'll visit Pascal tomorrow.

He admitted the visitor to the living-room.

The mission was unsuccessful.

I'm Pravin's girlfriend.

I must've misplaced it.

I'm through.

Are you telling me to kill Duncan?

It's all a matter of semantics.

However ill she is, she always works.

You're so much better than me at playing the guitar.

Jennie is a little weird.

I don't want Geoff to leave me.

Were there any witnesses?

Donn knows Jennie very well.

The bath is ready.

Your hat is silly.

What did Stewart have?

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I left behind some important documents for the company at home. Sorry, but could you please go and get them for me now?

The truth is I've always liked Boston.

He gave me a flat answer.

I thought it might be nice for us to spend some time together.

I finished translating for today.


All is not as bad as it seems.

I feel like going out with him.

He weighs around 300 pounds.

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Robert and Howard's love for each other was so strong it was almost palpable.

Ami doesn't like to hang out with people who smoke.

Venkata can't stand the sight of blood.

You will not be charged for another delivery.

I'll join you all later.


When he saw that there was nothing more to see, he took his bike and rode home.

My mother was not feeling any better. If anything, she looked worse.

Jenine doesn't appear to be very religious.

Have you been studying for two hours?

We think it was her.


Dan is on his way home.

I think Frances is too young to retire.

Jill asked Sharan to pretend to be his wife.

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We're avoiding her.


We've met before.


You ought to have read the book.


Pedro, how many languages do you know?