We are a startup immersion program where Middle and High School kids can gradually develop fundamental skills directly applicable to the needs of tech and media companies. See the list of our programs and their descriptions on the Startups page.

Coworkery Summer Camps $265/camp

Coworkery Summer programs are designed to give an introductory experience with our startups and allow students to continue their learning progress during the school year within the same startup. At the end of each Summer camp students receive an after-camp assignments and retain the Coworkery projects repository membership, allowing them to continue learning from home.

Coworkery Afterschool Programs $129/mo

Coworkery Afterschool programs can help students develop the right attitude and good basic skills so that after they graduate, they can have the best options in their field of work available to them. The following are the four guiding principals of our programs:


Connect, discuss, learn, plan and accomplish things together with your team. The teamwork is an entire science on its own. Your Coworkery team will have weekly meetings and will use Kanban or Scrum collaboration methodologies where you will learn recipes for agile product development (it's not just for software).


Learn to learn. Make a habit of self learning and another habit for being active in applying what you have learned. Isaac Asimov once famously said, “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” We would like to rephrase these words that self-education is the only one that matters.


At the Coworkery we are creating a large repository of projects so that our students can always access new learning activities. As time allows work on learning projects every day when away from your team.


Getting hired by a number of startups and learning from them allows you to quickly gain the most cutting-edge skills. Coworkery will be your first startup and afterwards, we hope, you’ll be inspired to get into the next one to continue your startup education.

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