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JFK Overlook & Memorial

I’ve always thought October 3, 1963, to be a special day (it happens to be the day of my birth!), but this past weekend, I found out that it was also the day that President John F. Kennedy dedicated the Greers Ferry Dam about 30 miles from my home town of Bee Branch, Arkansas!  This…


Trolley Square Oyster House

Have you ever been out traveling for several days and just get tired of choosing a place to eat.  It happens to me sometimes and I just want some food!  After being on the road for about a week in the Northeastern states, I found a gem of a place with exceptional food.   It…



My previous blog posting described Winterthur, founded by Henry Francis du Pont and the impact of  the du Pont family on our generation.  Today’s blogpost will be about another du Pont descendant, Alfred Irénée du Pont, who founded the Nemours Mansion & Garden.  The Nemours Mansion and Garden is just a few short miles from…

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Welcome to the Travel and Table blog! This blog is the realization of a long time dream and much encouragement from friends and family. Together, we will explore travel and table tips and information that is relative to everyday people. Let’s face it, not all of us will go skiing in the Swiss Alps, dine at a five star restaurant weekly or create their own recipe for chocolate soufflé! I am a firm believer in finding adventure with every trip and in every meal, whether local or abroad. Every experience adds value to our lives in some way. It’s up to us to determine that value.