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We are Pharos International Risk Advisors, LLC (Pharos Advisors). Our mission is to assist cross-border investors and lenders enhance their direct foreign investment strategies with the support of political risk insurance (PRI). PRI can significantly enhance a well-structured project but it can hardly help a poorly structured one. Our experience of hundreds of successful projects clearly indicates that, in addition to a good strategy, securing the assets and environment of your investment is key to both your financial and overall success as an investor or lender in emerging markets. We leverage our understanding of emerging market risks and our in-depth knowledge of the PRI industry in general, and that of the MIGA PRI program in particular, to help you optimize your risk coverage.

What We Believe In

We believe that, with the correct environment and with the appropriate direct foreign investment strategies, most developing countries ... (316) 655-5001

The Pharos Advantage

Our clients benefit from Pharos Advisors’ close relationship with MIGA and the experience of the firm's principal in the political risk insurance market ... 4102289809

Latest News

The Basel Banking Supervision Committee has classified the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) as a highly-rated multilateral ... Read more >>