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Stock market forecast for Dow Jones, Nasdaq-100, S&P 500, Russell 2000 and 20 other high volume stocks and exchange traded funds based on predictive algorithm.

Short and intermediate term trading can be lucrative, but also risky. We offer our customers an insight into the current and predicted prices of high volume ETFs and stocks for a period of two, five, and twenty two and sixty six trading days. The users of our Application have the opportunity to examine past performances of our forecasting models, the current predicted prices, and the probability of our models to correctly catch the directional movement of the price changes.
The conventional belief is that the individual stock's behavior, the ups, and the downs, are unpredictable. Yet, millions of investors play the stock markets led by the conviction that they can correctly predict the stock price changes. Based on intuition and sometimes technical analysis, the investors face, more often than not, tremendous risk. We also believe that the individual stocks price changes are hard, if possible at all, to predict. Most of the researchers and statisticians also contend that the best forecast for tomorrow should be based on the so-called random walk hypothesis, according to which the best forecast is the current price. Obviously, such forecasts are of no use to the investors. We believe, however, that the behavior of high volume ETFs/stocks is more predictable than the small volume stocks behavior. The high volume ETFs/stocks, or at least the ones we target, have relatively smooth trends and patterns of directional changes that our models are capable of predicting within certain limits. Our modeling approach is based on sophisticated machine learning algorithms capable of identifying patterns even when the data is relatively volatile.
We offer you to test our approach by downloading our Application and using it on your iPhone free for a limited time period.

High Volume ETFs/Stocks

Current Values/Change

We show the current value and change for 12 preselected high volume ETFs and 12 preselected stocks.  For each of the Stocks/ETFs you can see the projected short term trends. 

ETF/Stock Projection


The ETF/Stock projection screen shows the curent and historical - two day, weekly and monthly projection for a specific ETF/Stock. Each projection shows current value, probability for the ETF to stay flat or go up/down, and forcasted value.

Projection/Actual Historical


You can see the historical projections against the actual market values.


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