This soup needs a touch of salt.

We work for Harvey.

A funny thing happened to me today!


That's easy for you to say.

A play with many scene changes may be a trial for the crew or a trial for the audience.

Srivatsan wants a motorcycle.

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I haven't decided whether to study at university or to get a job.

I can't picture Ramon doing that.

You did talk to Syed, right?

Everything's changed.

Everything felt normal.

Markus never stops to think.

Who is it that Donne wants to talk to?

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I met a certain Mr Smith.

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I seem to have done something wrong.


Don't push my buttons.

I tried to help him, but there was no way I could.

He's going to lie down for a moment.


I want to be a leader that people can respect.


I spend too much time in front of my mirror.

They seem completely absorbed in each other.

This experiment was unsuccessful.

Mother is anxious about my future.

You're going to be okay.

I'm glad you met Jinchao.

Semiconductors were the top United States export to South Korea.

Have you been told why we didn't hire you?

Stay down or you might get hit by a stray bullet.

Tao taught his dog some tricks.

I promise I won't tell anyone who you are.

Izchak can't seem to ever win.

Darryl really misses his family.


Why are you throwing those things in the fire?

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We'll get a phone call from him tonight for sure.


Too much alcohol may result in gastric disease.

It's a miracle you survived.

Could you direct me to the station?

I was happy here until you broke my heart.

Tyler wore bunny slippers.


Mr. Smith is in charge of the class.

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I gave Deborah a blanket.

Be careful, this guy has a shooting license!

She takes pride in her high school.

Men's things are sold on the third floor.

Entry is free on Sundays.

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The Recruit scandal is a corruption scandal concerning public officials and politicians who accepted as bribes undisclosed shares from the RecruitCoscom company. The shares had been rising steadily.

We'll take care of ourselves.

He entered my room.

It's necessary to make his language like other people's.

The temperature was at least 100 degrees.

Export of the product will start soon.

They were trapped.


To ensure effective engine protection and lubrication under all service conditions only use the best motor oil.


We know very well what our chances are.

She borrowed the book from him many years ago and hasn't yet returned it.

Alain heard a voice.

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The enemy behind us presently exists solely to cut off our retreat.

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I took Raphael's umbrella without meaning to.

He is outgoing.

What are some foods you shouldn't eat if you are pregnant?

Do I need to go right now?

These gloves are too small for me.


Ann truly has perfected his craft.


Dan was a ruthless killer.

I feel a lot better now, but I know Dad's going to be real upset.

I look like an old peasant.

I'll explain everything when I see you.

I wish I could have gone with her.

That daimyo holds a fief yielding 100,000 koku of rice.

The plural form of 'person' is 'people', not 'persons'.

I don't care about them.

Morris isn't a nice guy.

Do you travel often?

Bing-bong ... bing-bong ... "Oh-oh. The class bell!"

This time Rakhal succeeded.

What's your name, please?

Keep up the good work!

Asking for seconds would be unseemly.

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Her ignorant comments had the earmarks of a sheltered lifestyle.

We can do much better.

Try and find out when the train leaves.

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Both wooden pieces are different shapes.

This school has many students.

I could use a drink.

It is late.

Well, it has been such a privilege to meet you, Alan.

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What's your favorite winter activity?

Fry me an egg.

She is applying the glasses.

If you consider his age, then you can't blame him for his actions.

People thought that teleportation was impossible, but by the 24th century, teleportation of large objects and even people became common, much as the microwave oven back in the 21st century.

Our class today will begin at 3 p.m.

Elijah and Hy arrived at the same time.


Then he would give his letters to another rider.

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I want to stay here.


You've just got to go for it.


We're going to need help.


That's the general idea.


Brooke is, without question, the best man for the job.

I park in front of the farm.

It is not necessary for us to attend the meeting.

He departed without so much as saying good bye.

This is quite good.

How much longer do you need?

I wish we could stay here forever.

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Why did you give yourself up?

This smartphone uses an ARM processor.

You're the woman I love.

I have something else I need to give you.

You are kidding me, aren't you?

Half-destroyed walls used to stand there.

You should apologize to Dad for not coming home in time for supper.

Can you add these numbers?

Be quiet. Don't talk in class.


I know that look.

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That was a fun conversation.


NASA is developing a first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near-Earth asteroid and collect a multi-ton boulder from its surface.


He has been traveling all over the country for the last three years conducting seminars on debt-free living.

You are acting like a three-year-old child.

We showed him some pictures of the Alps.

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German is Lichtenstein's official language.

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Did you come here to help me or not?


I made my son a new suit.

These words are for learning.

Later the personal guards of kings were called satellites.

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If you are a member of a primitive community and wish to produce food, for example, there are two things you must do.

You were very brave.

Maria spends a lot of money on clothes.

Let's sit down for a minute.

I'm not afraid of them.

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Who's calling at this hour?

Sulfur burns with a blue flame.

"What are you doing?" "I'm vegetating."

Polly may have told Donna about it.

The car broke down in some remote village.


We'll try to do our best.

Look, what a nice team!

I don't want him at my party.


His work is in engineering.


I think Bobby is careful.


Claude shouldn't have any problem with that.

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Cobbler, stick to your last.

He's a good-looking guy.

I was told to be ready to speak at a moment's notice.

She gave me a piece of good advice.

Sassan and Spencer looked at each other and stood up.


This pizza is disgusting!

Do I need a special needle to start cross-stitching?

I think Walter is acquainted with Robert.

Farouk was my friend, too.

A high proportion of crime in any country is perpetrated by young males in their teens and twenties.

Internal combustion engines burn a mixture of fuel and air.

A son must obey his father.

Keep an eye on the boys. They're mischievous.

Jiro is not here.