Secure Solutions

We provide effective solutions to secure your data

Sometimes you need an extra hand to help meet the demands of doing business in an uncertain world.  Information security is a complex field and growing and evolving every day.  Having the required skills in-house can be:

  • Time consuming to acquire;
  • Difficult to find;
  • Expensive to keep.

Green Grass Systems helps customers address the challenges of digital security.  We work with individuals and companies to assist when:

  • A website has been hacked;
  • A system whether laptop, desktop or server has been infected;
  • Or a network has been breached and valuable data is being accessed.

We also offer services to help prepare for such an attack or to recover from it:

If you have been hit by an attack and you need swift action from well informed, approachable staff then 863-295-5400.  Let us help you in a crisis.