Perfect business styling can sometimes be quite difficult to achieve. However, in order to succeed in this, let the next gallery serve as an inspiration, at least this season.

WHAT WEAR TO WORK THIS WINTER Business look for this winter

Skirt with high waist

She is a very often choice of lady who is aiming to visually look more – a skirt with a high waist will just do it, it’s great also because you can handle it in business. Darker or brighter, it’s completely non-existent, because each will do a great job, but if you opt for darker models, it can help you look slimmer. You can combine it like any other skirt model, and the combination with skateboard will surely serve you well during the cooler autumn days.

Leather Jacket Leather jackets are very popular during the autumn season, and more seasons are a style that does not pass.

Plain skirt

Plain skirt

As much as you liked it or not, she returned from “naphthalene” and made a hit back for a couple of seasons, and this situation is unchangeable this autumn. The skirt is a retro model that has again become extremely popular, and it comes in all colors and patterns, as well as lengths. If you decide to take it to work, be sure to choose a model whose length reaches or just below the knees or up to half a sheet, and combine it with sleeves and suits from an antelope or blazers.The year is soon in the city, and this is the most stylish time of the year. In the end, you can afford everything, even summer dresses that are no longer an obstacle: The shirt-dress has gained record-breaking popularity this season. Canvases, T-shirts and dresses can be combined in different ways, but do not forget that a dress-like dress will become your best assistant in solving everyday problems – How to get dressed for work during the summer?We are not tired of repeating that it is white – the main color of the flight. A white dress-shirt in that sense is the real discovery, because in it you will feel and look romantic, keselj, but also very elegant. We suggest that you combine this type of dress with flat-bottomed sandals or shoes with low heels.To find out how to wear sneakers with skirts and skirts, it’s best to start wearing them in combination with shorts that resemble shirts. Comfortable and stylish look for every day, ideal for work, but also after work. In the end, “athleisure” is one of the global trends in the development of modern fashion.The most practical option for the year is a dress-shirt above the knee, but also long enough to wear it as a dress. You can try to wear a short dress over your pants for the office. Off-office dress can be worn with texas shorts.Like a Texan jacket, so is the leather jacket ideal for the autumn and spring season. There are many models of this timeless style, and as for the colors, the most popular are black and brown. The leather jacket is very grateful for combining, and you can always wear it on all occasions. Leather jacket and jeans? A combination that always “burns”. Leather jacket and skirt? The combination with which there are no mistakes. Leather jacket and dress? Very modern and very attractive.Pieces of wardrobe wardrobe are ideal for all body types, especially if you are a lady who is endowed with curves. A high-waist skirt can help you look a little slender, to cover up certain defects on the body, but also to visually look more. It is great for combining with all other wardrobe items, and if you choose a flicker model, then let the upper part of the combination be slightly narrower.A bit unusual, but very modern and interesting, pantalone pants may not be suitable for all occasions, but they are a piece of dressing that you can wear this season very easily. They are light and ideal for warmer days, and as for combining, do it as you would combine classic wide trousers – so with shirts, t-shirts or blouses.They are always present and we are always happy to return, regardless of the season. However, the fact is that they always come to the forefront during the warmer weather, which is why it is not surprising that they are one of the biggest trends of this season. You can wear them (literally) on all the wardrobe items (even on shoes), and the blouse or skirt are definitely the best choices.She is so attractive and gentle, and great for refreshing styling. 


To look fashionable and appealing, your style can help. And, one of the best ways to “check” what is modern at a given moment is to pay attention to what others are wearing. We bring fifteen excellent combinations of the ideal for the current season.The balloon is a very practical and functional piece of clothing which should certainly be included in your styling, but there are also short versions of this popular coat that irresistibly resemble short coats. And they are very practical, and you can combine them with high-skirts, classic trousers, and jeans.This beautiful color is one of those shades that can help you fully refresh your stashing, but also to stand out. There are more shades of this beautiful color, and you will not make a mistake with any. Darker shades of purple are ideal for combining with all the other shades of light (both from the neutral spectrum and to something more lively), but they also greatly match the brighter shades of light (for example, the color of violet matches the color of lilacs).

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