• Welcome to the Upkeep world!

    We hereby introduce our dynamic building maintenance company engaged in providing our clients and prospects a delight class services in the area of contractual maintenance and One-time services of residential, office, commercial and industrial space building maintenance which includes mechanized cleaning, floor and carpet maintenance, pest control, medium sized electrical, plumbing and painting works.

  • Satisfaction of our client makes us outstanding

    Upkeep uses a sustainable business model which incorporates state-of-the-art computerized office facilities and modern technologies to reach out to clients and serve their building maintenance needs. Dedicated to upkeep of buildings and properties through the provision of a wide range of ancillary services, Upkeep aims to become the provider of choice in the delivery of Building maintenance services and serve as a single point of contact for diversified soft and hard services throughout U.A.E.

  • How we are Different!

    Positive cleaning - The traditional approach to cleaning has always been dusting, sweeping and moping which removes 60-70% of the dirt and dust, rest is displaced in air which eventually settles back on the surfaces. By replacing the traditional cleaning methods with vacuuming and scrubbing, using the latest state of art machines 90-95% of the dirt and dust is being removed from your premises thus promoting the concept of positive cleaning.

Upkeep believes in personal and approachable services

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  1. We personalize our services leading to an intimate relationship with our clients and seek ways on improving our services.
  2. We provide guarantee for service delivery and against hidden cost.
  3. We boost the corporate image of our clients through cleanliness.
  4. We provide the right price for the high quality service we provide.
  5. We provide our clients with a one-stop maintenance services.
  6. Finally, we provide you with a moderate and convenient payment terms.

Upkeep Services LLC

We offer best in class cleaning with high Quality

Operating within a highly competitive industry, Upkeep maintains dominance over rival service providers in its stringent adherence to quality and standards and has earned the privilege of serving some of the most prestigious clients in the region. Upkeep’s quality control guidelines are consistent with standards that are internationally tested and recognized.

Furthermore, Upkeep contributes to environmental conservation in the course of its corporate activities by adhering to a strict environmental quality control process that ensures all of its products not only meet the environmental requirements of its clients but are also within the regulatory limits in place throughout U.A.E.