Even if my house catches fire it would soon be put out.

The program is on the air.

I would react very badly.

I have already done all my tasks.

Women don't like Sally.

She's getting on all right.


Violence does not pay, and never will.

We're all at risk.

It's nothing impressive. It's just a bit part in that play.

It's what I've got to do.

On a good day, you can see the coast of Estonia from Helsinki.


You're going to make a great dad.

Professor Brown is very pleased about getting his book published.

It wasn't until long after they got married that Ji found out that Lea was wanted for murder.

John should be here any minute now.

One should always do one's best.

Ramiro looks cool no matter what he wears.

Oh! her kiss was colder than ice.

I wasn't being serious.

Cynthia found himself alone again.


I remember seeing him somewhere before.

I need Charlene here with us.

Jordan was ordained in 2013.

We're very similar.

Where did Urs want to go?

Put down that pen.

How about some Spanish food?

When I tried to move the desk, one of its legs made a jarring sound as it scraped across the floor.

Before this car, I drove a Nissan.

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You might think I'm too old for you, but I don't think you're too young for me.

The security level, as established by the Department of Homeland Security, is orange.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

You must be feeling better.

He was fortunate to find the book he had lost.

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Good afternoon. You are our new neighbor, if I'm not mistaken?


This day is Friday.


I don't remember the names of the beaches.

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I have to be at the station at three o'clock.

We heard shooting.

That's creepy.


I'm still the same person I was before.


The police told us the road was closed.

Let's just talk this through.

I thought that went exceedingly well.

I wouldn't put it past Pilot.

Dannie pleaded not guilty.

If a conversation is not going all that well, try another approach.

I asked Kamiya to drive me to the train station.

I remember that I once received an autograph letter from Santa Claus, full of good counsels.

A kilometer on foot, that wears you out. A kilometer on foot, that wears out your shoes.

I know Terry may have to do that.

That's what I find alarming.


There is a lack of long-term vision for Europe.

I found my shoes.

Watch your step, or else you will trip on the baggage.


She must be ill in bed.


Floyd shouldn't be doing that.


The balance of public opinion remains in his favor.

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In the latest report, it is written that 90% of all the cocaine smuggled in the world is transported by sea, and most of that by speedboat.

The reporter refused to name his sources.

Everybody danced.

I want you to open your eyes.

Live can so easily degenerate into something sordid and vulgar.

I told Heinz to tell you that.

Many wild animals are in peril of their lives.


Jason denied that he was the thief.

The manager assembled the players on the field.

It's not going to be that easy.

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This is a pay phone.


Tracey never called.

My whole family is doing well.

Babies are bits of star-dust blown from the hand of God. Lucky the woman who knows the pangs of birth, for she has held a star.

We don't like the rain.

Now she suffers for her crime.

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Vice is heating the car.

What snacks do you have?

Then there shouldn't be any problem.

I'd like Jeannette to rest.

There was a castle here many years ago.


You have only ten seconds left to live.

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Miki is shorter than all of his friends.


The revolution brought in a new era.

This apple is bad.

Cary did it out of a sense of justice.

We thought something had happened to you.

It's a mixture of ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

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Do you charge for delivery?

I want you to sit here and be quiet.

I'm going out with Leon tonight.


Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.


You should apply for that post.

Let's hope the situation doesn't get any worse.

I'm tied up with a project that is due Friday.


We can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of ancient people from this wall painting.

I just wish you'd talk to me.

She begged him to stay.

Could you give me a minute?

It's a necessary piece of equipment.

I've been asked to sing a couple of songs.

Greg always seems uncomfortable around children.

The universe in a nutshell: I am consciousness.

He will grant permission for you to go out.


Mr. Green is a history teacher.


They were drinking dry white wine.

I forgot my glasses somewhere.

I respect his selflessness.

It took me a while to find him.

In the formation of Turkish words, both the meetings of vowels and of consonants follow harmony principles.

Now let's begin the game.

Where is she? She is in the kitchen.

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John used to sell books.

The 2016 World Chess Championship is being held in New York City, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 30.

Don't say a word to me.


Tell her to relax.

I get by.

Tell me what I need to do.

I shouldn't have told you nothin'.

He kept his promise.


Rex knows I want to leave as soon as possible.

Her cat climbed off my bed.

There were very few passengers on the last bus.

Pia is a really intelligent child.

I tried to cheer her up.


Look, I'm being serious.

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We're just getting started.

Jane Smith works very hard at her office.

Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten.


There's a great variety of creatures living in the sea.

That woman is infatuated with you.

You can't fight a good fight with such a defeatist attitude.


I think we got Pria's attention.


He boils water in a coffee pot.

Did you really believe that is what Oscar wanted?

I considered Jeanne.

I can't find my safety deposit key.

The timing is right.

It didn't mean anything.

I don't know what Brent is so upset about.


This is not a table but a chair.

Kerri, you can't be serious?

I can't take any more!


Letters are delivered here about noon.

I thought we could be friends.

I've never eaten pork and I never will.

He has a spirit of tenacity.

I tried to avoid conflict.

We should talk sometime.

You two are ridiculous.


She's so stupid.

Everyone agrees.

Glynn gave Barbra a dirty look.

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No one uses that kind of weapon anymore.


Do you like rock and roll?

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Do you like the apartment?

That can't be Wendell.

I suggest you give it back to Bryce.

Piet got extraordinary grades.

I just hope it makes it in time.