We cannot be naked enough.

Milk will do you good. You'd better drink it every day.

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Tears were rolling down her cheek.

Don't you always sleep like a log yourself? I can understand your feelings of wanting them to enjoy their meal but don't be in such a rush.

The duck disappeared.

It snowed for days on end.

Accidents have increased in number.

The best way to learn French is to live in a French-speaking country.

His tone was very annoyed.

Eat more fruit.

Gilles is a close relative of mine.


There were beautiful flowers on the reception desk.

There are a lot of fish in this lake.

I can't be calm while talking about this.


I did have fun.

Don't hesitate to ask me.

My brother thinks that he's stronger than me. But he's only six years old.

Don't you dare talk to me like that.

I'm strong enough to do that now.

Remember to lock the door.

I don't know why you gave Knudsen so much money.

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Randolph wondered why Jianyun did that.

It was really sweet.

Everything's going to be OK.

Dori is very friendly to us.

What should we do to celebrate?

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We want to see it.


Another fierce battle was ready to begin.

Do you want to give it another shot?

He didn't agree with us about the matter.

You're not getting the promotion.

Man is a slave to habits.

I felt something touch my foot.

Is there a post office near here?

I hope this has been helpful.

I asked a favor of him.

Fish and red wine don't go together.

Warm weather favored our picnic.


Rajiv took the trash out.

Leslie and Mahmoud both laughed.

I am!

The blueberries are defrosting on the table.

Summer is over.

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

He has achieved very good results.

I'm happy for her.

Aren't you a little hot?

I'm dying to move to a bigger house.

I had to refuse her offer.

Nothing's happening.

Can't we tell them?

You have no idea!

Many of them carried guns.

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Jwahar got two beers out of the refrigerator and handed one to Daniel.


Don't ever forget that.

You cannot eat your cake and keep it.

You have no respect for me.


All the members of the club agreed with me.


What did you put in the coffee?


Let us show you how it's done.

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Due to circumstances, I gave up the idea of going to university.

pumpkins stored away after harvest for a little become good and ripe to eat.

I have been to the U.S. twice.

It'll be here within three hours.

Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.


He used to tell me stories about India.

May I have the honor of asking you?

The holidays are coming.


What do you want to do about Barrio?

I think I've had one too many.

What happened to your computer?

That's actually really dangerous.

I've always liked Boston.


I don't need anybody.

I sat for the exam, only to fail.

He kept three dogs but lost one of them because of a traffic accident.

Rolf developed a taste for French wine.

Rebecca and I have known each other for a long time.

This man's behaviour is mysterious and suspect.

Is Borneo an island or a continent?


I don't know if they've decided to leave.


Kuldip is waiting for you at the stables.

I want to work in Boston.

People in other countries often say that the Japanese are not religious enough.

Owen is the man wearing the red tie.

It's not really much of a problem.

He isn't a history major.

All I ask in return is to be left in peace.

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Do it for yourself; not for someone else.


Kenneth is very special.

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Adam bleached his hair last night.

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Mats gave Nora a black eye.


I'm a stranger here myself.


No one dared to approach Juha, as he had a knife in his hand.


Shai forgot his appointment.


Don't take yourself so seriously.

What makes you happy, Piet?

You've made a mistake.


The plural of ox is oxen.


Pat and Roberto went trick-or-treating with their friends.

Show me the location of your camp on this map.

You like beans.

I will get the work done in a week.

The room charge is $100 a night plus tax.

Roxie plans to swim as soon as he finishes his homework.

I had my tonsils removed two weeks ago.

The child is father of the man.

Always keep an open mind.

He only who has lived with the beautiful can die beautifully.

Hey, who wants pizza?

May I give you some advice?

He was itching for a ticket to the concert.


He talks as if he knew the secret.

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This is a four-way stop.

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Arguments are extremely vulgar, for everyone in good society holds exactly the same opinion.

I jog twice a week.

The hit-and-run driver, accompanied by his father, came and turned himself in the next day.


I suppose Ragnar told you what happened.

You're a rich man.

When they heard the story, they burst into laughter.

We're basketball players.

Nobody but a fool would believe it.

Tell Tollefsen Ro is waiting for him in the lobby.

Wendi wants to know when we're going to Boston.

They know you were the one who visited Ruth the night before he was killed.

I feel sorry for you.

We're kind of in the middle of something here.

Ravindranath did some shopping at the mall.

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Your moon is returning.

The bomb exploded with a blinding flash.

His conduct disappointed many of his friends.

Get out of my kitchen.

He's a surfer.

That's what addresses the issue.

Sir William did not say much.

Look carefully, or you will miss Jane's mother.

I'm sorry I cannot meet your demand.


Did that really just happen?

The chimney is made of brick.

I haven't renewed my subscription.

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It'll be tonight.


That flag is very pretty.

He got drunk and chatty.

It will take him two hours to finish the work.

If you don't want your sentences being commented, just don't write them !

Elisabeth isn't an alcoholic.

I haven't washed my hair.

We need a car.

I think you should go by taxi.

I hope Francis gets married soon.

The city of Bonn just invented the "hookermeter", to tax prostitutes who cruise its sidewalks, and I just invented the word for that.

I guess I lost track of the time.


He will catch us.


Why do I tell you people anything?


Everybody who is anybody was present at the reception.

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This is my wife Edita.

The cat is sleeping in a chair.

I'm going to have my eyes examined.


It's important to keep learning.