Pitawas probably didn't go either.

Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

I have a surprise.

Did Izumi tell you who that was?


Mick probably doesn't want to be seen talking to Sehyo.

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Looking out the window, I saw a car coming.

Alastair was quite inexperienced with girls before he met Monty.

Herman was the second-best hitter on the team.

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Take three steps and jump.

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Kevin seems reliable.

Instead of being here to work, you get the sense that he's simply a permanent fixture here.

The British soldiers rested.

Would you ask her to come in?

I don't owe you anything.

Who will try this case?

Thanks for agreeing to come.

New York is sometimes referred to as the melting pot of races.

Barbra dyed her hair blue.

Luis Leal was a Mexican-American writer.

We knew we would never share those moments again.

I just got back from the post office.

Ahmed has absolute trust in Kurt.

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Why does that require an apology?

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I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.


This city is called the Japanese Denmark.


I no longer have any reason to do this.

I needed to get out there.

Will you take me to the gate?


Brenda hanged himself using the belt that Maarten had given him.

Are you done?

The very sick baby was under careful observation by the doctors.


Murthy realized that he might late.

Sherman is imaginative.

I don't know what you expect me to say.

He has read "The Manifest".

Stock prices could skyrocket.


When will you be online?

The performance got get terrific applause from the audience.

She has no more than fifteen dollars.


Charleen doesn't have to worry. Nothing bad's going to happen.


The country's economy was dislocated by the war.

The light bulb has burned out.

She vacated the apartment a month ago and left no forwarding address.

Vern is looking more and more like his father every day.

If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.

I prefer to work at night.

An idea is expressed in terms of action.


Indoor tanning is particularly dangerous for younger users.


Seth and Tracy agreed on everything.

He has half as many books as I do.

Merril was a little disoriented.

You're going to have a great time.

I like this song; it's got a strong beat and you can dance to it.

As a writer, she does not fit into any of the traditional categories.

His best friend ratted him out to the authorities.

I wish to stay at a five-star hotel.

He can't do everything himself.


I'd like to spend more time with my family.

You may give this photograph to anyone who wants it.

I don't have a job right now.

He's a nationalist.

Stop pretending you don't know the answer.


If you could do it at all, I'd like you to do it.

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Sekar speaks French really well.

This is what scares them.

Whatever you wish on others, it will come to you as well.

It's a pretty big deal.

Johnathan isn't happy.

It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your health.

I will give you the money tomorrow.

Just what do you mean?

I am sure we have a lot in common.

A gentleman is always kind to others.

I'll guard the door.


The truth is that it disgusts me.

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Every sane man is accountable to his conscience for his behavior.

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I could use your help.

Slice the bread very thinly.

They missed you.

Justin realizes he's being ignored.

There has been progress.

Have you told Karl's mother?

Sundaresan got home at exactly 2:30.

I had to take Jerald to the hospital.

My bag's always packed.

It made me sick.

Tomas has stopped smoking.

I found the key I had been looking for.

My son does not like fried egg.

He is proficient in literature.

Cathy took notes during the meeting.

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She spends a lot of time helping her children learn to deal with money.

I waited for a time.

There's an osteopathic clinic near the library.

I was told to go home and wait.

As for the students of today, I don't know what they are thinking about.


What are you doing sitting here in the dark all by yourself?

Urs certainly sounds content.

Do you think that e-book is going to replace paper one?

Amy came into the building, carrying a heavy box.

I'd prefer to be left alone.

Maybe I should go get you some water.

I think Gregor is unlikeable.

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Marlena was extremely kind to me.


I like seeing Pilot in a suit.

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Lack of oxygen is fatal to most animals.

Our team did not reach the playoffs this year.

This table is expensive.


I wish you'd call them.

I don't know what motivated me to come here.

I know what I'm dealing with.

Send it in duplicate.

I agree with Monica and Ssi.

I don't want to end up like him.

Auto-destruct sequence initiated.

He denied these facts.

The leaves on the trees have begun to change colors.


Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.

I'm still waiting for my order.

Let's clean the garden, shall we?

I invited you to the party.

My uncle has a large family.


Blaine likes American movies, but Adrian likes European movies.

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Please write to me from time to time.

Pipe down, otherwise you will be hauled out.

We still need to clean up this mess.


How can we ask for humans to respect nature, the planet and the animals if respect between them does not exist?

I feel like seeing you.

I still remember the first time.


George Harrison was a gentleman all his life!


Long live the Soviet Union!

Would you be willing to write a letter for me?

How do you want to die?

I don't want to live by your rules.

I buy newspapers every day.


He seated himself next to me.


I don't think that she knows Hebrew.

What should we do with them?

I can't buy you the bike.

I only have toast and coffee in the morning.

I cannot chew anything. I am toothless.

I'm stuck here in Boston.

Stefan reached for the dictionary.

Where did you find this evidence?

We easily found parking.

I must bring my address book up to date.

Jane wore the same ribbon as her mother did.

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It's the least we can do.


He's not such a great writer and I think he knows it.


I'm busy all day keeping house.

Can Hirotoshi really speak French?

I told you before that's impossible.

Follow that car.

Come and see me whenever you are free.


The days are getting longer and longer.

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I pronounce this a perfect dinner.

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You've never done this before, have you?

Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification.

He was exposed to many dangers.