My Background

Joshua Armah is a dynamic technology professional who works diligently to deliver phenomenal results. Mr. Armah is a highly influential millennial with a robust approach in the way he combines his business acumen with a truly unique universal technical skill set. Mr. Armah's primary focus is serving as a software engineer in the technology community to help make an impact in the world. He is known as an innovation expert with a track record of leadership. Mr. Armah is a very big advocate for technology with a focus on computer programming, artificial intelligence, and automation which correlate to his passion for delivering solutions to the world through software. As a data-driven expert, Mr. Armah is a skillful team leader who can collaborate effectively with any given organization that matches his core values. Mr. Armah values are based on commitment, transparency, honesty. Mr. Armah has built his professional work experience in the field of online marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship for 8 years which has built a solid foundation for his business background. Mr. Armah is constantly upgrading and adapting his skill set to meet the needs of the marketplace.

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Working Hours

My Skills

I have 7 combined years of experience in the technology sector which has allowed me to gain a valuable industry knowledge & diverse skillset.

Information Technology

Computer Programming

Cloud Architecture

UX/UI Design

Ethical/Growth Hacking

Data Science

My Tech Stack

My choice of tools is base on my experience in working in cross platform development in an agile process. My focus as a software engineer is to collaborate efficiently and to solve complex problems. I am devoted to being an asset to any team I am chosen to be apart of. I have a start up grind mentality which keeps me working day in and day out.

React.JS Library

Every mobile or web application needs top tier user interfaces to excel with the current marketplace. My top choice for building front end user interfaces is none other than React.JS. The React library is component based which allows anyone to build web or native mobile applications. I am constantly building my ever growing knowledge of the React library which helps team members, managers, and stakeholders get the best results for the project.

Angular Framework

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for cross-platform development. There are many benefits to Angular and I love working with Angular based projects. As a angular enthusiast I am always advocating this amongst the developer community. Angular is my go to choice for using a web & mobile framework.

Run Time Enviroment

I am a huge fan of Node.JS because of it's scalability and performance on Google's Chrome V8 Engine. I constantly include node.js in over 90% of the projects I am hired for or in regular open source community collaborations. Node.JS is an secret weapon in the modern day world of computing.

Server Side Programming

Python was the first language I learned and it is still an important part of my development tool belt. I mainly use python for artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and server side programming. Python is my first love so I will always keep it on the top of my priority tools for software development.

Back End Programming

Java has been apart of my education and professional career since I began programming in 2012. Java has grown on me over the years and I rely on it for medium and large scale projects. When working with Oracle databases or mySQL, Java constantly comes in handy for getting the job done on the back end.

Android Development

Android reaches over 2 billion devices and is completely open source. I have been able to study under top instructors in the android community and it has helped me tremendously in real world projects. The android ecosystem is thriving. For me, it is always an awesome experience to contribute to a project in a android development stack.

IOS Development

I am constantly working to build an awesome experience for users and the IOS platform is second to none when it comes to user experience. IOS is constantly innovative through Apple's core technologies powering the pathway to success. I am able to confidently build a IOS application on my own or while collaborating with others.


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