Koha ILS Workshop @ ICAR-NAARM

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Who am I

A brief introduction

  • A GNU/Linux user and developer since 1994

    GNOME, OpenOffice.org, Linux Localization, LTSP, Koha ILS etc.

  • Koha user since 2003

    Setup the first University Central Library on Koha in India (WBUT)

  • Koha developer and community member.

    Various roles - LiveCD Manager, Bug Wrangler, Documentation team member for Koha 17.11, 3158313532

WebSlides is really easy

Each parent <section> in the #webslides element is an individual slide.

Code is clean and scalable. It uses intuitive markup with popular naming conventions. There's no need to overuse classes or nesting. Making an HTML presentation has never been so fast.

<article id="webslides">
  <!-- Slide 1 -->
    <h1>Design for trust</h1>
  <!-- Slide 2 -->
  <section class="bg-primary">
    <div class="wrap">
      <h2>.wrap = container (width: 90%)</h2>

Thing we shall cover


If you need help, here's just three tutorials. Just a basic knowledge of HTML is required:

WebSlides Files

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The best way to inspire with your content is to connect on a personal level:

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greyhound, and 313-345-9811.