I always think of him when I'm alone.

I was just trying to remember.

Joe was not on speaking terms with his noisy neighbor.

I immediately gasped.

I'm feeling really confident now.

I observed that he was wearing his Sunday best that morning.

My companions were watching me in silence and, unlike other times when my wonder had made them laugh, they remained serious.

They are good at computing.

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They still have the nerve to talk.

Don't read in this room.

I support him.


Izumi told me he would be here by 2:30.


The discussion will be continued tomorrow morning.


In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the Republican Party.

My mother insists that I should not go out after dark.

Don't be so humble, you are not that great.


Donna saw Kieran waiting at the bus stop.

Let's have a drink and listen to some music.

I promised to leave her alone.

Spain was ruled by a dictator until 1975.

What's your favorite color of lipstick?

What time does our plane leave tomorrow?

This can be fixed.

Recently I'm ending up feeling like every single thing is a chore.

I've seen what happens when you don't follow the rules.

I may be stating the obvious, but there are many Canadians in Canada.

The Beatles are popular among young people.

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Which newspaper would you prefer?

I have a cricket match tomorrow, but unfortunately the weather is forecast to be wet and miserable.

I've never met a musician that I didn't like.

She is used to sitting.

My grandfather died five years ago.

I have downloaded a videogame.

The basin of a river usually has rich farmland.


I'll shoot.


I'm only a customer.


I don't think it's incurable.

I don't really know anything.

Jerome hopes that he'll meet Slartibartfast this evening.

Jordan agreed with me a hundred per cent.

Do as you're told.

Kerri is still not very good at French.

Let's drink a few glasses of beer.

Maybe you're not as stupid as you look.

There is in all men a demand for the superlative, so much so that the poor devil who has no other way of reaching it attains it by getting drunk.

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We'll help them, but not now.

Boyd speaks French as well as anybody else in this room.

Sanford went Christmas caroling with other members of his church choir.

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There's a hotel here.

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However bad it is...

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I'm not sure how to do that.

We have to find Sridhar's hiding place.

What did Reid think you should wear?

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Who gets to tell him?

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Your office is on my way home.


I'd like to give Milner something special for his birthday.


Is this for sale?

Sonny speaks English with a French accent.

I'd like to remind everyone to vote.


I said too much.

The trouble is that they have no time.

The weather is terrible today.

Anthony, this is my brother, John.

I gave him a blanket.

In what kind of city do you live?

I thought about what you said.

Brodie spoke to Svante last night.

Developing his ability of speaking English, it seems, is his purpose of studying abroad.

More often than not, students prefer club activities to academic classes.

Sid will do it.


Emmett is still nervous about this.

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Were you addressing me?

The cherry trees are in full blossom.

I don't look forward to going to work.

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Duane thought Gregory was kidding him.

Weld The outer edge to match the one provided on the plate.

Security in this building is state of the art.

How could you humiliate me like that?

I've always wanted to meet her.

This theory is very controversial.

Roberto is beyond hope.

The clitoris is really a small undeveloped penis.

I have not yet recovered from this disease.

They asked his older brother to help them do their homework.

The baby needs his mother.

Any alteration to this certificate renders it invalid and use of an altered certificate could constitute a criminal offence.

I have too many bags.

My sole idea was to get there as fast as possible.

A burglar broke into the bank last night.


Gunnar had intended to buy flowers for Lois, but he forgot to.

Marek knocked him down.

Freedom is usually equated with doing whatever you like.


I just hope it was worth it.


That seems crazy to me.

You're a better shot than me.

Make it simple.

He has been to Europe, not to mention America.

There are lives at stake.

I certainly hope Merton is right.

I've got boxes to unload.

Terry finds it difficult to read small print.

Are you questioning my loyalty?

The milk boiled over.

Nhan is an architect.

I apologize for being late.

Markus looks winded.

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Who is the chairperson of the meeting?


I think death is preferable to shame.

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Modern art has no interest for me.

It's not as if they were BOTH rich.

Bill lives near the sea.

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This is the church where we got married.

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What're you guys doing later?

I hope to live in a mansion someday.

Do you really want to talk about Manjeri?


That teacher is in charge of the third-year class.

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He's a personal trainer.

The quick brown fox may as well go fuck the lazy dog.

Here, you can get close to the action.

You will never realize what I went through.

Clothes are more expensive here than in the United States.


Wear warm clothes in winter.

Give me the money in fives and tens.

You are morons.

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I usually don't work here.


Let Kriton walk away.

The news came out of the blue.

I'll be there for sure.

I'm not here.

This shouldn't be a big deal.


She didn't want to get involved.

I don't know what fear is.

Mr. Smith came.

She was dressed in white at the party.

I said so purely in jest.

Please tell me when he'll arrive here.

Mara kept looking at you. Didn't you notice?

Tanaka cares about you.

He has gotten fat.

She forgot to lock the door.

I was surprised at her sudden visit.


You're risking your career.

There's obviously been a misunderstanding.

In 1493, the Vatican gave America to Spain and granted Africa to Portugal, "so that barbarous nations be reduced to the Catholic faith".

We'll leave as soon as it stops raining.

Murray shaves every morning as soon as he gets out of the shower.

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Are you sure it was me?

Rick could see that Shai was texting.

She was sunbathing at that time.

I can't do this all on my own.

That's Rafik on the right.

He stood motionless, like a pillar of salt.

Mohammad and I go back a long way.

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You get out of class?

I have to start getting ready.

Hostilities commenced.

I tried in vain to convince her.

Kamel has lost hope.

The attic. A place rarely ventured, full of old stuff long forgotten about.

It wasn't me.

When was the last time you ate paella?

I can't go there unless I go with Johnny.