The information will be available via iOS and Android apps and a user web portal.

  • Records of Stock History/Historical data

    Ongoing data collection as it happens so that you can browse and manage the history of stock movement

  • Realtime sharing

    Collected data is shared by your teammates instantaneously

  • Track movement

    Track the location, movement and activities of all of your stock in one location

    No more need for pieces of paper getting lost, notebooks damaged in the wash or endless hours trying to find stock numbers and events in diaries

  • Well Documentation

    Each function is explained with examples of how best to use in Help

  • Best Practice suggestions on how to structure records

    Lots of help contents to get you up and running quickly

    Consistent record processing will result in using data for well informed decision making

  • Data protection

    Your data is secured in multiple layers of data protections.

  • Future Support

    Stock keeper app is updated regularly


Free to start

You can start using it immediately for free on a 30 day trial.

Save time and money

Keeping records of location, movement and activities of stock are very tedious work. Get the app to save your time and money.

Heard of the old saying? 'You cannot manage what you cannot measure' MPMSK is designed to support your hard efforts in the field by recording events as they happen. MPMSK delivers the records you need to manage your stock your way

Easy to Use

The app is designed and tested under various farm scenarios. Give it a go today!

All you need to do is 'TAP TAP TAP TAP and ENTER. Minimum time to add one basic record is 10 seconds To find a record can take less time AND the best part is that you DO NOT NEED MOBILE SERVICE


Here is some of greatest features of Stock keeper app.

  • Ease of data entry
  • Records generated in app or WEB
  • Powerful Sync all between app and Web
  • Social login
  • No mobile service required to use app in the field
  • Create and customise your own fields for PADDOCKS, STOCK & EVENTS
  • Tailor your record preferences to suit your management styles
  • Customise stock management reports via .CSV file downloads
  • No need for paper records
  • Tally at a glance
  • Multiple search features
  • Accurate and timely recording of stock counts
  • Accurate and timely recording of stock management issues
  • Unique INFO recording to monitor stock counts and anomalies
  • Team management - add up to 10 team members at no added cost
  • Powerful statistics


Our development team has taken great pride in their work and put in a huge effort to make things work seamlessly for the app users!

  • Cache data offline
  • Collect data without reception
  • Sync data upon restoring network automatically
  • Share data throughout team members
  • iOS / Android ready
  • Web portal for detailed statistics
  • Secure login
  • Maximum data security


  • Free

    $0per month
    • 30 days free trial
    • Multiplatform
    • Support
  • Monthly

    $5.50per month (inc GST)
    • Monthly subscription
    • Multiplatform
    • Support
  • 17% cheaper!


    $55.00per year (inc GST)
    • Yearly subscription
    • Multiplatform
    • Support


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